Read Vadodara’s Manpasand Beverages company scandals for mango drinks, be shocked

100 crore fraudsters with Manpasand Beverages LTD company


Ahmedabad, March 12, 2020

Gujarats, Vadodara District Local Crime Branch has arrested and arrested a gangster who allegedly cheated Rs 100 crore with a Manpasand Beverages Limited Company in GIDC, Manjusar of Savli taluka. Bajajbaj cheated on the excuse of giving a loan of Rs 100 crore to the company authorities.

Manjusar’s Manpasand Beverage Company based in GIDC was in the economic depression. At that time, Bajaj Pawan Parasottamabhai Rathi (Res. F-404, Shikhar Apartment, Gorva, Vadodara) and his associates made big talk to Finquist Financial Solutions Pvt. Did.

The company, which was in Gidc, Manjusar, in the Sawali taluka, was in the economic depression when Pawan Parasottamabhai Rathi (res. F-404, Shikhar Apartments, Gorwa, Vadodara) and his 7-year-old son were given the loan for a loan of Rs 100 crore.

Land mortgage scam

Finquist Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd had fraudulently ruptured Rs 100 crore by stating that they had loaned Rs 100 crore from the bank. But in fact, Direndra Hansraj, who put 44.32 per cent equity mortgages in it, took out a financial notice by a Mumbai finance company after seizing a mortgage from a financier and releasing a Rs 400 crore scam. The approved properties include Finquetest Ltd. in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Ambala in Haryana, Dehradun in Uttarakhand and Chittor district in Andhra Pradesh. The financier has publicly stated that he has 8 mill mortgages.

Complaint against partners

After taking a loan of Rs 100 crore from the partners of the Manpasand company, the partners had made a big deal. The operator had lodged a complaint against the partners for Rs.100 crore fraud and treachery complaint. The directors of the company are Bharat Jayantibhai Patel. Divyadarshan Society Ville Parle Mumbai. Hearty Bharat Patel remains. All the while, Ajay Agarwal remains. Andheri, East Mumbai, next to Boston House Cinematic. Vishal Jarivala remains. Ahmedabad, Rashid Murthy stands in front of Dedication Bungalow PP Petrol Pump. Roshan Nilaya remains Pune Maharashtra Wind Shetty. Gorava Vadodara, Vishal Satyendra Sood, Rahi Haryana Nao, in partnership with the company, spent Rs. 100 crore loan was taken. Direndrabhai Hansaraj Singh, the company’s manager, had signed an agreement to run the company. The partners have tried to finance a loan of Rs 100 crore by running a company for their own financial laws, with only 12 to 15 crores. Moreover, additional Rs 42 lakh checks were also taken from the complainant Direndra Singh’s account. Due to the financial loss of the company’s business, Direndra Singh filed a complaint against the partners for allegedly cheating and betraying Rs 100 crore.

MD Beats Manpasand Beverages in GST Theft

On May 27, 2019, the GST division of Preferred Beverage Limited was arrested after a detailed investigation into the company’s Managing Director Abhishek Singh, his brother Harshvardhan Singh and Chief Financial Officer Paresh Thakkar on charges of cheating Rs 40 crore. Some objectionable documents were found. During this investigation, a racket of Rs 300 crore came up against the construction of dummy units for loans and the inclusion of turnover by tax evasion of Rs 40 crore. Preferred Beverage Limited is a company listed on BSE and NSE and has a total market cap of Rs 1,200 crore.

The network of shell companies found information on more than 30 counterfeit units in the country. Fraudsters are taking advantage of illegal credit. The company has been in dispute for the second time in a very short time. Earlier, Deloitte had resigned from Manpasand beverages, refusing to give the company some important information. In addition, the auditor of the construction and infrastructure company Atlanta had resigned. Board members Bharat Vyas and Dhruv Aggarwal have resigned. In addition, the company’s non-executive director Vishal Sood also resigned on Friday. Bharat Vyas delayed pre-occupation as well as Dhruv Aggarwal resigned due to GST fraud. The GST official also submitted that a bogus document containing 2000 km of trains was found within 24 hours after checking the company’s documents. Bail was not found.

Increased sales scam

There were two cases of bringing out the scam. The market researcher showed higher market share than other companies in the Food and Beverages category. Market Researcher released a report in December 2016. Manpasand Beverages Ltd. showed higher growth than other companies. It was impossible to find the reasons for the sudden growth. And there was more sales of a particular product by the company.

1000 crores loss

GST Following the theft, other directors resigned and the company’s stock prices dropped. After which the company will get Rs. 1000 crores was lost.

Cheating son is about to be released from jail

When Dhirendra Hansraj Singh, a native of Karahiya village in Gajipur district of UP, came to the financial buffalo, Rs. 17.77 crore were to be paid in court. So he asked to help personal friend Vishal Satyendra Sood, who lives in Haryana. So that Vishal contacted Ajay Agarwal. The gang, including Bharat Jayanti Patel (Rd. Divyadarshan NS Road, Villeparle, (West) Mumbai), had seized over 600-700 crore properties from the company’s owner, Direndra Singh. In addition, 42.32% shares of their company were transferred. Rs 17.77 crore GST The owner of the company made it to the place where the barbarians asked for signatures in order to get their two sons out of jail. The banqueters later took over the administration and took over the company in GIDC. The owner of Manpasand Beverages Ltd. Cody did not pay out of 100 crore loan

1% share secured

On November 12, 2019, the city’s promoter, Direndra Singh Hansaraj Singh, the controversial Manpasand Beverages Ltd., The names of the other three members of the promoter family are only five to five thousand shares. The other three members of Dhirendra Singh’s family Sushma Direndra Singh had , Abhishek Direndra Singh  and Harsh Vardhan Direndra Singh had  shares. The promoter has a share holding of 5.5% of the total shareholding, while the public holds 8.5%.

The Chartered Accountant stopped working

On October 5, 2019, the third firm, Biliboi & Purohit Chartered Accountant, who was auditing Manpasand Beverages Ltd., left the company without any cooperation. After the Rs 40 crore GST scam, auditor firm Mehra Goyal and Co. were resigned by a chartered accountant firm. The company’s audit work was then started by the Blyboi & Purohit Chartered Accountant .But resigned on October 3, citing lack of cooperation in operations. In the past 2 years, three chartered accountants who have audited the company have quit operations. So the stock price went down.

Production of mango drinks

In 2016, the company announced that our company is a fruit-based beverage manufacturing company, Abhishek Singh, Director of Manpasand Beverages. Mango Sip also sells and manufactures mango drinks. Mango Sip accounts for 80% of the company’s revenue. The company also supplies products to Indian Railways. The company has seen 30% growth in the last few years.

Partnership with Parle

Manpasand Beverages and Parle Products will jointly sell all of those brands from Gujarat. As part of the strategic alliance, the Beveridge-based company has introduced “Mango Sip Gold” for Mango Sip, which became available with Parle G, the best-selling in the world.

Under the super value offer, Parle G Biscuit Pack, Parle G Biscuit Pack, Parley Wafers and Fultos were also offered along with various SKUs of Mango Sip Gold. Parle teamed up with Products. Manpasand Beverages made available with the Mango Sip brand at lakh outlets across India. Over 1lakh outlets of Parle Products have been raised by Manpasand Beverages. Manpasand Beveridge has allocated Rs. 500  to set up new outlets in Vadodara, Varanasi, Sri City and Eastern India. 600 crore.

The Speaker of the Assembly also came

Former Sports Minister Rajendra Trivedi was the Gujarat state volleyball champion in the Gujarat State Volleyball Championship organized by the Vadodara District Volleyball Association in collaboration with the Vadodara Volleyball Charitable Trust, BRG Group, Manpasand Beverages, VSPF, Urmi School, etc. Now Trivedi is the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. Officials including Virender Singhji, Shrimohan Nair, Ashokbhai Patel, PP Kanani, Mayank Mathur and other Manpasand bearers were present at this time.

The Gujarati businessman said in 2017 is credible

Dhirendra Singh borrowed money from savings and friends and from a well-known food scientist, looking at the goodwill of the Made in Gujarat tag, read the recipe for mango drinks. In 1997 Manpasand Beverages registered their company in Vadodara. CMD Dhirendra Hansraj Singh, Founder of Manpasand Beverages, said on December 1, 2017, “Gujarati businessmen in Uttar Pradesh are trusted. So I set up the company’s main branch in Vadodara instead of my hometown.

Establish company

The company first launched its first fruit juice mango sip in Uttar Pradesh. Today mango drinks are ranked fourth among mango drinks sold in the country. There are about 200 Super Stockists and 2,000 Distributors in 24 states of Manpasand Beverages, FruitsUp, ORS and Pure Sip. 2 lakh retailers are selling their products. Company AD The listing was done in the stock market in 2015. Is. The company has a turnover of Rs 556 crore in 2016.

Do the job

Is. Born in Varanasi in 1962, Direndra Singh is a self-motivated entrepreneur. After graduation, he got a job in a Vadodara company. After some time job In 1997 he decided to make fruit drinks, but there were two challenges. One was lack of capital and the other was the monopoly of giant companies on the fruit drinks market.

He rented a part of an old Mahananda Dairy plant in Mumbai. Mango drinks in a 200 ml tetra pack launched in small towns in Uttar Pradesh where drinks like fruity and jumpin ‘were not available.

In 2013, Dhirendra Singh’s son became the business associate of Abhishek Singh’s father. He spread the marketing network. Launched FruitsUp (jam, lychee, apple, orange and mixed drinks), ORS (ready-to-drink sports drinks) and pure sip (drinking water). Invited close to 10 distributors daily to the company plan and showed them how much they focus on food safety, quality and hygiene in processing and packaging.

Pampering Marketing

Abhishek Singh says that one of our distributors in Vadodara prepared boxes of Ladu and sent the Sales Woman to retailers there. He told shoppers, ‘Our owner has taken the agency of the Manpasand mango sip. In response to this, a puja poorad has been sent. ”This is how the Manpasand was spread. Sunny Deol and Tapasi Pannu made brand ambassadors for product promotion. As the packaging of the mango sip is fruity, consumers have to explain what the product is. Retailers tell consumers that these are good mango drinks, which are cheaper than other mango drinks.

Manpasand Beverages Today there are two plants in Vadodara, Varanasi, Dehradun and Ambala with PET and Tetra Pack packaging facilities. The company plans to lay down four more plants. Is. In 1969, Karsanbhai Patel launched Nirma and on the same lines Direndra Singh competed in the market for Maza, Slice and Fruity.

Reduced sales of Coca-Cola

Instead of soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, indigenous drinks have lower sugar levels and higher levels of natural fruit juices. Modi insists on adding 5% fruit juices to cold water, first of which Vadodara’s Manpasand Beverages company added a natural beverage. Therefore, during the year 2014-16, 2.5% market share of Coca-Cola was observed while Pepsi 1.2% market was down. Then carbonated beverages have dropped from 51% to 46%. While foreign beverage companies have adopted policies like face-to-face, pricing, fines, collections. However, its markets in India are down. And people are turning to indigenous companies. (Translated from Gujarati language report. See original Gujarati report for an explanation of this website)