20 thousand cows died in Kutch, how many in Gujarat?

Ahmedabad, 7 August 2022
In Jamnagar, City Congress President Virendrasinh Jadeja tried to commit suicide in a fit of rage to save the cow and shake the BJP government. 20 thousand cows have died in Kutch. There could be three times more deaths in the whole of Gujarat.

Kutch Till July 21, 2022, it was said that 80 thousand cows have been vaccinated in Kutch. There are 14 veterinary doctors in Kutch. 3 days later the government announced that 1 lakh cows and buffaloes were vaccinated in Kutch. The government announced that 20 thousand cows have been vaccinated in three days. How can 14 doctors vaccinate 20 thousand cows in 3 days?

Due to the lumpi virus, a large number of cows die due to the lack of veterinary doctors in the government.

There is a very serious matter before the BJP government. This shows the insensitivity-passivity of the BJP, which had won power by seeking votes in the name of the cow.

In Gujarat, a terrible virus named lumpi appeared in cattle from May itself. The system was sleeping like Kumbhakarna. The system did not inform the farmers, stockholders, livestock owners about the nodular disease.

The system has completely failed in the effective functioning of vaccination against this disease. Happened in Corona, however, gives false figures in lumpy virus.

Do not give correct information, show vaccination on paper.

How can a cow mother survive in this?
There is one veterinary officer for 75 thousand cattle.
There is 1 Livestock Inspector for 1 lakh cattle.
There is one dresser for 3 lakh 45 thousand cattle.
There is one attendant per 2 lakh 60 thousand cattle.
3 lakh 40 thousand per animal is 1 peon.

The BJP government is criminally reckless. Due to shortage of doctors and paramedical staff during the Corona period, the citizens of Gujarat died on a large scale. Similarly, due to lack of treatment in lumpi virus, cows and buffaloes are dying. There are massive vacancies in Gujarat for treatment including Veterinary Doctor, Dresser.

no doctor
In 10 districts, there is no dresser for the treatment of dogs. There are 290 Veterinary Vacancies in Gujarat. Which should be 3 thousand as per international standards. There should be one doctor for every ten thousand animals. Gujarat has 95 lakh cows and 1 crore 5 lakh buffaloes. Gujarat has only 367 medical officers to treat 96 lakh cows and 1.5 million buffaloes. Resource. There is 1 veterinarian for every 53 thousand animals including 26251 cows and 27 thousand buffaloes.

294 posts of Patwala cum Attendant are vacant. 405 posts of Peon are vacant.

The situation is bad in Kutch, Gir Somnath, Porbandar, Dang, Narmada, Botad, Bhavnagar, Chhota Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surendranagar districts. The condition of the animals is deteriorating continuously due to lack of adequate staff to treat and monitor the animals. The BJP government has no concrete plan to stop the lumpy virus. Information about the death of 20 thousand homosexual mothers has come to the fore in Kutch.

Where there is vaccine, there is no staff, where there is staff, there is no vaccine. BJP’s fake love for Gaumata has been exposed. The name of Gayamata is sung loudly in festivals and Taifas just to get votes. Fake Hindutva is BJP government. Chief spokesperson of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee Dr. Manish Doshi said.

Gujarat Congress demand
Proper vaccination should be done to protect the breed of cow. There is no subsidy for gaushalas, cages since 7 months, give it now.

Let us tell you that lakhs of tonnes of fodder are lying in thousands of godowns of Gujarat.

Lumpy virus in cattle should be declared pandemic and included in the provisions of SDRF. The shepherd should be compensated for the dead cow.