Converted Citylink Bus to Covid-19 Mobile Sample Collection Unit in Surat

Surat, 13 May 2020
It is difficult to bring the suspects from Koro in Surat to the laboratory for testing. To overcome this problem, SMC has decided to go to hotspots and clusters to collect samples. It has been decided to convert Citylink Bus into the ‘Covid-15 Mobile Sample Collection Unit’.

The public will not have to go to a private lab or a government hospital. Their screening and testing will be faster. In addition, the risk of coronavirus infection can be avoided.

The Kovid-19 Mobile Sample Collection Unit has three compartments equipped with medical equipment as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

There is a “Patient Compartment” for maintaining social distance, another is a “Sample Collection Department” for collecting samples and another is a “Doctor’s Compartment” for testing the samples taken.

There are entry and exit points, there is no danger of transition due to wide space. Infections can be prevented, and a safe environment can be achieved for the testing to take place.