Sardar Patel resolved to build Somnath temple

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the man of iron power, is celebrating his birthday today and the memories of Sardar Patel’s resolve for the restoration and renovation of Somnath Temple are coming fresh. As soon as he saw the plight of the ancient Somnath Shivalaya, his heart was moved. He paid obeisance to the sea water and resolved to renovate the Somnath Mahadev temple, as a result of which the glory of Somnath has been re-established.

Sardar Patel in a special saloon train, after Junagadh was formally liberated on 9 November. Came to Prabhaspatana on 13th November. When he went to the temple he was lost in deep thought for some time. After this, he went to the banks of Ghughvata Sagar near the temple and paid obeisance in the palm of his right hand and resolved that the construction of Somnath Mahadev Temple would continue and without the renovation of this temple, India’s independence would remain incomplete. When we saw the temple we saw broken footpaths, broken pillars, scattered stones and the assembly hall was inhabited by many lizards. An officer’s tied horse was galloping in the temple premises. Seeing this, the clerk and Sardar said that my head bowed in shame. After this the Kangar of the temple hoisted the national flag and addressed the crowd. The day Sardar came to Patan was the first day of the current year.

Lord Somnath Mahadev is seated on the banks of the roaring Arabian Sea. Pranapratishtha Mahotsav with religious ceremonies was organized by the President of India Rajendra Prasad on 11 May 1951. At that time, Mahadevji was anointed with water from 108 rivers and seven seas of India. He died at 9.46 in the morning. The gate and front pillars, dance hall, pillars of the hall are inlaid with gold. This temple is Mahameruprasad temple of Nagar style. This temple has seven floors.

Many spiritual and historical events have taken place keeping Somnath Mahadev and Prabhaskshetra at the center. It was on this land that Lord Somnath freed the moon from the curse, then Lord Krishna chose this land for his sacrifice. At one time this temple was very famous. The entire temple was golden, which Jahojlali has now returned. Somnath Mahadev Shivalaya has great influence throughout India even in the process of construction and dismantling and renovation of this temple. In the present digital age, people are taking advantage of darshan every day through mobile phones and social media.