There was a stir among the daily laborers as soon as PM Modi announced the national ban,

550KM walking on foot

There has been an atmosphere of panic among the working class since PM Modi’s proclamation of desegregation. This is the reason that workers are leaving their homes on foot. On Friday, 6 young laborers reached UP capital Lucknow from Rewari, Haryana. These youths carried bags on their shoulders, walking on the deserted Lohia path of Lucknow. When we talked to these workers, it was found that they had traveled 550 kilometers in the last three days, in which some time was spent in buses and mostly on foot.

Gujarat also affected 3 lakhs people who want on foot of motorcycle.

Out of these youth, 4 have to go to Bahraich and two to Barabanki. The distance from Lucknow to Bahraich is about 125 kilometers, while Barabanki is 25 kilometers away. Pankaj Mishra, a youth involved in these laborers, said that ‘they started walking from Rewari, Haryana with 20 other laborers. These people left on Tuesday night, when PM Modi announced a nationwide lockdown.