Sarpanch Danubhai picks up 9 lakh jewelry from his wife and finishes the poor

The condition of the poor in every village of Gujarat is bad. They have no grain to eat. So the people of the village are helping.  There is a problem for families running Gujarat through daily labor. Politicians fill their homes with corruption throughout their lives, but at such times they never help or donate to the poor. But a sarpanch has shown a new path to solidarity.

Even if the Roopani government reaches the poor or not, the village sarpanch is reaching the people’s help. Business and labor have stopped.

Danubhai Iyer, the sarpanch of Taweda village of Mahuva taluka, Bhavnagar district, with a population of 3500 people, has provided an example of humanity. The sarpanch has provided pledge and cash assistance to every poor in the house of his grandson, along with his wife and pledge.

The poor did not have cash money, but Danubhai also did not have money. He made up his mind to help the villagers by placing all his jewelry in the bank. He reached the bank with his jewelry and took out a loan of Rs 9.5 lakh.

The money that came after depositing jewelry in the bank came from Sarpanch Danubhai who provided groceries to the poor people in the village. Even poor  families who needed help in cash were given a thousand to five thousand rupees.

Sarpanch said, “I have put all my jewelry in the bank. He has given groceries to the poor out of the nine and a half lakhs received in return. Giving cash to anyone who needs cash assistance. I’ve made a name for the village so that no one gets hungry. If we survive, we will make jewelry again.