Hardik Patel big challenge for BJP, Hardik big challenge for Congress

Gandhinagar, 11 July 2020
Congress appointed Hardik Patel, a youth leader and the face of the Patidar community, as the acting president of the Gujarat Congress. After giving Hardik Patel an important place in Congress, now if anyone has the biggest challenge, then it is Gujarat BJP. If there is a big challenge for senior Congress leaders, himself. After 30 years, Congress has seen a young, militant, fiery face after a very long time. Now time will tell how bright that face is. Gujarat people are awaiting a leader, like, Hardik Patel.

Fearless face 
One of the strengths of Hardik Patel is that he is fearless. He can fight well against the government. When he started the movement, there were 12 people in his core team. Eleven of them have stopped fighting the government. But there is only one Hardik Patel who is fighting the power battle by raising questions. Alpesh Thakor, who was against Hardik, has also surrendered to the government. But Hardik Patel can really work for the opposition. Few people are fighting Congress against BJP. One of them is Hardik Patel. Currently, the government has registered 32 offenses against Hardik. He is also fighting again. He could spend his entire life fighting the case. Notably Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Anandi Patel, Vijay Rupani, Jeetu Vaghani.

 Worthy choice of Delhi
Due to this ability, Delhi leaders of the Congress have handed over the leadership to him. If all goes well for Hardik, he is likely to bring the Congress to power in Gujarat once again after 1991. The way Congress has been distanced from people in 30 years. He is likely to take it back to the masses. Ahemad Patel has sunk Congress with Modi in the same way. Bharat Solanki upset the Congress leader and pushed the Congress into the Sabarmati River. Shaktisinh Gohil has never done anything to bring the Congress side forward. Now the new leaders of Delhi of Congress have liked the true leader Hardik Patel.

How can he challenge BJP
Hardik is well aware of both the tricks and the truth of the BJP. He is a stubborn leader. So the BJP has shaken him as much. Can kill the BJP. As much as he has traveled to jail, court and office and social ruin, which the BJP has done to him, he can fight well by staying in this post. All Congress leaders have surrendered to the BJP government. BJP is doing enough against the government. It will not be heartwarming. He will fight, he will fight with passion. The BJP will lag behind because while he was in Surat Jail, an officer offered Rs 1,200 crore to wrap up his agitation and join the BJP. He said this at a press conference. Since then several crimes have been registered against him but he has not been convicted.

Congress youth will have power
The youth of Congress will have passion and passion. The youth like it. If he succeeds in bringing what he wants to the Congress, the BJP’s future will be bleak. No one can stop Congress from coming to power in 2022. Not a single Congress leader can provide leadership to the Congress to form the Gujarat government till 2022. Hardik Patel is the only Congress leader who can bring the Congress to power and oust the BJP.

Congress will run
Young leaders and veteran leaders who have worked in Congress for years want it not to succeed. Therefore, Congress will suffer as much loss as BJP will do to Hardik Patel. Congress leaders in Bharuch, Anand, Kheda, Mehsana, Porbandar will not let it work well. There are many leaders like Ahmad Patel, Bharat Solanki, Amit Chavda, Shakti Gohil, Arjun Modhwadia who, without being hearty.

Hardik’s weakness
At the time of the reservation movement, Hardik Patel was accompanied by a core team of 12 young fighters. He could not save it. He can make a good team but it is difficult for him to take that team with him. That is his weak side. Except for two people with him, 9 people have gone into politics. Gopal Italia, who later joined with Hardik, joined the Aam Aadmi Party last week. If Hardik Patel could have saved this team for 3 years, he could have formed a new party in Gujarat in 2022 and come to power.

Hardik has a similar nature to Narendra Modi

Hardik had a team of fighting leaders like Chirag Patel, Varun, Reshma, Atul Patel, Ketan Patel, Dinesh Bahmania, Manoj Panara, Dilip Sabwa, Uday Godhra, Alpesh Kathirias, Narendra Patel. Nevertheless, many nearby leaders believe that if Hardik Patel wants to become a popular leader, he should convince these 12 people and take them with him. So the Congress can become strong and overthrow the BJP. Hardik has a similar nature to Narendra Modi. Go ahead and keep your teammates behind. Throw it using the people. He has to improve, he will not be successful. So everyone has to take it along. Two MLAs nearby can make up Lalit Vasoya and Kirit Patel. Another 10 may help elect MLAs. If he can save the Congress by forming his team, Congress will save him.

Right direction
Delhi Congress is working right now online. The Congress is now advancing the younger generation and laying the groundwork for Rahul and Priyanka. Still, the Congress has nothing to boil over in Gujarat. In spite of Amit Chavda being the president, the condition of the Gujarat Congress is deteriorating.