Saurashtra-Kutch waters become transit point for Golden Crescent drug cartel in Rupani-Modi rule

Gujarat has once again become the turning point of the drug mafia in BJP’s victory. Which shows the grave failure of Vijay Rupani, Home Minister Pradeep Jadeja and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not succeed in controlling these three leaders.

Punjab Police Special Task Force at Bhatinda, Punjab has revealed a shocking revelation that 188 kilograms of heroin worth Rs 1,000 crore was sent from Gandhidham on January 31, ten days ago. Gujarat ATS has arrested two persons from Gandhidham and one from Madvi.

The heroin mass that landed on January 31, 2020 was landed in April 2018.

On August 17, 2018, ATS busted the entire network, arresting four persons, including Abdul Aziz Bhagad of Dwarka and Rafiq Sumara of Madvi.

Landed 500kg of heroin

Gujarat ATS arrested four accused in August 2018. 500 kg of heroin was shipped from Pakistan to the shore of the shore. Out of which 300 kg of heroin was shipped to Punjab and North India at that time. Razzaq Adam Sumra, brother of 200 kilograms of heroin, Rafiq Sumra, hid.
Shahid Sumara, who was absconding at the time of dispatching Punjab to the embattled Punjab outside the hiding heroin, Mandvi. Shahid communicated with Razzaq Sumara by phone and Karim Mohammad Siraj of Gandhidham who had taken the remaining 200 kg of goods out of Kutch. Sunil Vitthal perennial involvement in this scandal opens. Sunil sent this amount via truck to Amritsar.

Learn the entire network and sources of drug trafficking

On August 17, 2018, ATS kept two men, Abdul Aziz Bhagad, a boatman from Salaya in Jamnagar and Rafiq Adam Sumra of Mandvi. Aziz recovered 5kg of 5kg of heroin.

Arshad Abdul Razak Sota alias Raju Dubai of Madvi communicated over the phone with Pakistani brother Hajisab alias Bhaijaan through a Pakistani drug mafia nabiksha and landed 300 kilograms of heroin on six shores. On a different day, 300 kg of drugs were landed in Indian waters by small fiber boats on Abdul’s ship.

The heroin was given to Rafiq Adam Sumra and Shahid Kasam Sumra, who lives in Mandvi. Confused in the Godown of Rafique Sumra. Subsequently, Rafiq, Shahid and Raju Dubai took the quantity to Unza in a car for 3 rounds and delivered it to Nizir Ahmed Thakar and Amir Ahmed Alam Mohammad Mir, men of Simarnjit Singh Sandhu, Amritsar. The accused had transported the goods in trucks under cumin in Punjab and North India. Police arrested Aziz and Rafiq in the case and arrested Nazir Ahmed Thakar on the basis of their inquiries.

Raju had taken Dubai from Nepal. While Shahid Sumara is absconding to this day. Simaranjit Singh Sandhu, the source of the case, fled Nepal to Australia and from there to Italy. ATS issued a Red Corner Notice against him through Interpol. He was arrested by the ATS about ten days ago after being detained in Rome.

Drugs in Gujarat

Gujarat’s 1600-km-long coastline, which connects Pakistan with the Saurashtra-Kutch watershed as the ‘Golden Crescent’, is becoming a soft passage for the drug mafia of Afghanistan and Pakistan. With the gold and silver smuggling in the past through the Kutch desert and watersheds, the consignment of explosive-weapons and caffeine materials like the RDX, AK 47, has been going on since 1980.

Transit points

Since the seizure of military and paramilitary forces has intensified over the past few years at the LOC linked to Pakistan from Jammu and Kashmir to Punjab, the Saurashtra-Kutch watershed has become a transit point for the Golden Crescent’s drug cartel. Especially for the last three years, the incidence of sudden drug trafficking has increased.

Drug mafia in Saurashtra-Kutch

On July 29, 2017, DRI seized 1200 crore heroin from a ship near Porbandar. The heroin was transported in a hollow of steel pipe in the ship


On August 17, 2018, ATS from Dwarka Salaa speeded up two persons, Aziz Abdul Bhagad and Rafiq Sumara from Mandvi. Aziz recovered 5kg of 5kg of heroin. The name of Shahid Sumra, a young man from Mandvi, was also found among the smugglers. Aziz and Rafiq’s inquiry revealed that Abdul Razak Sota alias Raju Dubai of Mandavi had landed 300 crore heroin consignment on the banks of Mandvi in ​​April 2018 through a fishing boat and boat with Pakistani drug mafia. Distributed in Punjab and Kashmir through the Unza, under the auspices of Jirun. Later in this chapter, ATS arrested Nazir Ahmed Thakar of Kashmir, who took drug delivery on September 17, 2018 and Raju Dubai on October 1, 2018, near Nepal border.

A boat full of heroin

On March 27, 2019, the ATS arrested 9 Iranians with a boat loaded with 500kg of 100kg of heroin off the coast of Saurashtra. Individuals aboard the boat burned a large quantity of drugs contained in the boat. The strings of this chapter reached Delhi and the ATS arrested some of the accused from Delhi. The heroin is filled with Pakistan’s Gwadar port.

El Medina

On May 1, 2019, DRI launched 217 kilograms of heroin loaded with 194 packets worth a thousand crores from a Pakistani boat called Al Madina near Jakhou. 6 Pakistani men aboard the boat. The men threw a huge quantity of heroin into the ocean. The packet was later found scattered along the coast of Kutch. In this way, more than 60 crore ‘rubbish’ goods were received by the police and BSF.


On July 28, 2019, ATS seized 1 crore brown sugar from Nadir Hussein Samaja of Mandvi and Umar Hussein Wadher of Kathda. He confessed that the amount he got from the river was sandy. Whom they were about to sell.


On 1st August 2019, ATS hits Imran Kader Maniar from Mandvi’s Maska with 1 crore brown sugar. Immediately after the questioning of Nadir and Umar, he confessed that he had given another packet for sale to Imran.
Experts say the maritime boundary is becoming a transit point

Research Report

Under the leadership of the Institute for Strategic Political Security and Economic Consultancy, under the heading of ‘The Afaghanistan and India Drug Trail’, a special research report was prepared by Dr. Behuprasad Rotor and Dr. Shanti Marriott DeSouza. In his August 2019 report, he stated that the drug business involved the entire nexus of drug peddlers, the organized criminal network and the terrorist group. Organized criminals like Dawood receive drugs from drug mafias in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, and smuggle drugs into India through local fishermen. The west coast has become a transit point for this gang.

Narco Economy

The functioning of governmental agencies against these nexus is not coordinated. Jawaharlal Nehru University Doctorate The Pushpita Das Drug Trafficking in India A Case for Border Security report states that billions of rupees from the drug trade are used in terror funding in the northeastern states, Kashmir and Punjab. The economy in Afghanistan is parallel to the narco economy. Combined task force-150s in the Gulf of Iran (Strait of Hormuz) are moving the drug cartel to the Indian Ocean border because of security arrangements.

What happened earlier?

The Coast Guard seized hundreds of millions of rupees worth of drugs being brought to India near Jakhani in Kutch, Gujarat. The Coast Guard seized 194 packets of drugs from a boat named Al-Madina near the Indo-Pakistan Marine Border. The value of these drugs in the international market is said to be around Rs 400-500 crore. The Coast Guard has arrested 13 people, including 6 Pakistanis and 7 Indians, who are bringing drugs to India.
The Coast Guard began a search operation by deploying one fast attack patrol boat and two intercept boats to the International Water Boundary near Jakhau. Donnier was also attached to the plane. In the meantime, a drug intercepted by a Pakistani al-Madi’s boat from Karachi on Tuesday was investigated and the drugs were found. The Narcotics Control Bureau and ATS are investigating this. As soon as the Coast Guard saw the boat aboard, some packets were thrown into the sea, but they were seized by the Coast Guard’s vigilance and 7 packets thrown into the sea were also seized.

How about Kutch in 2018?

The 4 Marine Police Headquarters in Kutch district consisted of 117 staff with 200 staff over Kandla, Mundra, Mandvi and Jakha. Of the total 416 km coastline of Kutch, 238 km coastline is linked to Pakistan. Marines are the police to prevent any terrorist from entering the coast. Mandvi Marine Police Headquarters does not have a boat for patrol. You have to hire a boat and patrol the ocean. One of the two boats at the Mundra Marine Police Headquarters is on and one has fallen off. Due to increased consumption of diesel, the government does not provide diesel. Due to the absence of diesel even at the Marine Police Headquarters in Jakhau, patrols are often not conducted for days. There is a shortage of staff. 4 Police departments leave the most advanced equipment but are not equipped with staff. Police heads are running on the record.

There is no police protection on the coast of 70 km from Jakhau to Koteshwar. There is a situation for terrorists to pave the way for Kutch. The infiltration in the Kutch Creek area has increased since 2014. People from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir have been caught here. The number of unmanned boats has increased.

Among the 4 police stations, Jakhau Marine had 1 camel that was also dead. Sitting on a camel is patrolling. Mandvi Marine is a fertile area. They didn’t have to have a camel.

Marine police also have to do the work of catching alcohol. If someone has been stolen, they have to work. Thus the functioning of the law system also has to be done. So the police cannot pay attention to the border. The importance of Kutch in terms of security increases because of the international border connecting the enemy country to Pakistan. The desert border is BSF. When patrolled by the Marine Police and Coastguards at the coast.

Kandla has 1 interceptor boat for marine patrol. Mundara and Jakhau Marine have 2 speed boats. The Kandla Marine Police Station has 4 against the requirement of 8 Marine Commandos. Mandvi had no boat. Marine police allow fishermen to register and go to sea.

In charge of Kutch commandos

In 2018, the first 20 Marine Commandos are deployed by the Central Government in the coastal areas at Jakhau, Mohadi, Pingleshwar and Sindhodi. 20 commandos have been deployed by the Jakhau Marine Police. Of which 10 Jakhau harbors, 5 Mohadi, 4 Pingleshwar and 2 commandos have been stationed at Sindodi. Commando troops have also started their operations with the investigation of the boats. There are 2 boats for patrol. Various agencies throughout, including 2 speed boats by Coastguard in addition to hovercraft by Jakhou Coastguard and BSF. Also there is joint patrol.

Kutch has no outposts on India’s only border with Pakistan. For the sake of saying, police headquarters are running on the record, not far from the rest of Jakhau, which is set up by the police security system 60-70 km along the coast of Koteshwar Sudhi. It has become clear that the road to Kutch has been paved for the infiltration of terrorists.

The number of suspected intruders and non-resident Pakistani boats from Kutch Creek area has increased since 2014. Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Kashmiri people are often found in residential areas of Kutch. Such terrorists can easily infiltrate into India in the guise of a madman or a fisherman.

State government and police departments are showing serious negligence over the security of the sensitive Kutch district bordering Pakistan. The government has built four marine police headquarters in Kutch, but this police headquarters is not staffed due to lack of infrastructure.

Central security agencies, including BSF, work for security. But the state’s police department, which has an important role, is taking the plunge. Of the total 416 km coastline of Kutch, 238 km coastline is linked to Pakistan. No terrorist could be penetrated from the land and coast and the state government had set up four Marine police headquarters in Kutch to protest the countryside in the coastal areas. Not enough facilities at Marine Police Headquarters today.

Madvi Marine was not only a boat for patrol at the police headquarters. The task of the police is to patrol the sea. There are two boats at the Mundra Marine Police Headquarters, but only one of them is operating. Due to the large diesel bills, diesel is not available to the police. In addition the crewmembers are not small enough to operate the boat. There is only one boat at the Kandla Marine Police Headquarters. Even at the Marine Police Headquarters in Zakhau, patrols were not held for lack of diesel.

No note of the police book of the immigrants who were employed in Kutch. For security reasons, the police have to make a compulsory report before renting a house. But its implementation in the rural areas of Kutch is very low. Terrorists can easily hide in hundreds of factories, factories and villages with no proof of support. Yet the police system is not serious.

Gujarat’s ATS The accused, accused of Mumbai Blast of Year 1 and suspected International Drugs mafia Munaf Halari Musa from Mumbai airport, has been arrested in connection with the Rs 1 crore drug case near Jamnagar.
Gujarat’s Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) has had the biggest success with over 100 million drug cases.

Gujarat ATS has arrested international drug mafia Munaf Halari Musa from Mumbai airport with a Pakistani passport. Rs. He is the prime suspect in the 2 crore drug cases. Moreover, Munaf is also accused of Musa I’s Mumbai bomb blast. Gujarat ATS seized a huge amount of heroin from Jamnagar at the end of the 5th.

Two persons, Aziz and Rafif, were arrested. It was supposed to supply drugs to Punjab by hiding the quantity of drugs from Pakistan and hiding in the cumin and spice trucks on the coast of Gujarat. But earlier this drug racket was knocked down by ATS. Sources say that Munaf came under suspicion during the investigation of the case. Shortly before, the main accused in the case, Simranjeet Singh Sandhu, was arrested from Italy on the basis of Interpol’s Red Corner notice. With the information that Simranjit Singh, who is handling the entire network from Italy, was arrested there, a process has been initiated by the ATS team to capture him.

The Anti-Terrorism Force (ATS) has arrested a total of 3 persons in connection with the 5.5 kilogram heroin case of 5.5 kilograms seized from the Salaya port of Devbhumi Dwarka. Inquiries are underway. More than 100kg of heroin has been infiltrated in Punjab and more than four months ago in North India. The remaining 5.5kg of drugs has been found only in Salaya. Of the total 100 kg, 95 kg was infiltrated in the country.

Can terrorist organizations be true?

Pakistan-based terrorist organizations are involved in heroin trafficking. This type of drug has come into the state, including Gujarat, by manipulating large boats and later smaller boats from Pakistan’s port several times. This time the route has changed. Instead of directly infiltrating Gujarat from Pakistan by sea, Iran has been infiltrated through the Gwadar of Iran through the Gulf countries like Dubai to Kutch. Both Aziz and Rafiq Sumara are drug dealers. The heroin was found in the ship of a man named Saija resident Aziz Abdul Bhagad (b. 32). Aziz received Rs 50 lakh for this work. Drugs were exchanged in the middle. There was reports of heroin infiltrating along the coast. Aziz was found and searched and found five kilograms of heroin worth Rs 15 crore. Aziz Bhagad lived in a situation similar to that of Muflis, but for a while he suddenly became wealthy. Gujarat ATS team approached Aziz, confessing his involvement in drug addict Adam Sumra. Asif Adam Sumra, who lives in Kutch Mandvi, has been arrested from Kutch. But it has not yet got into the hands of an ATS. The connection has also opened in other states including Delhi. It is suspected that some quantity of drugs will be shipped to North Gujarat. Rafiq Sumara of Mandvi has a big role on drugs.

Action raises doubts …

The ATS is operating without informing the local police. No wonder Dwarka or Kutch police have been informed about this. Overnight, the ATS team reached Salaia in two private vehicles. Punch is not local. Was buried in the ground. Ibrahim Sumar Chauja, president of the Sunni Muslim Bhadala community of Salai village in Mandvi taluka, has joined the list of Sunni Muslim Wagher community president Amad Jakab Samaja, Maheshwari Meghwal community president Malshi Khimji and Madhvi Samadhya Matsha. Adam Sumara Mandvi is not a safeguard of the taluka.

Infamous Salaya …

Earlier, gold, watches, other foreign goods and drugs worth millions of rupees have been seized from smugglers. At one time two trucks loaded with foreign watches were seized. Now the business on drugs has begun. There has been no operation for years in the same manner as the custom system is called in Salaya. Now that smuggling has stopped, the checkpost of salads like Redepad seems to be trusting too.

Why the border is idle …

This chapter is considered very serious when the Kutch watershed has been used for drug trafficking after a long time. No concrete action has yet been taken to find a local link to Kutch police and other security agencies in Teva. It is reported that the drugs, which were en route to Kutch border, were not stolen or concealed, but were brought in via a source. The goods are believed to have arrived due to excessive reliance on cross-border sources. It is the responsibility of some agencies to transact with the Source. The fact that these goods have been infiltrated on the pretext of intelligence intelligence can be shocking events at the border.

Boats were found, not men …

Four months ago, on the border of Kutch, it came out that there were only empty boats. But no man seemed to be on hand. It was then that these drugs were infiltrated in Gujarat. Many empty boats were caught in Kutch from March-April last year. But no men were found in it. On April 6, an empty boat was caught near Lakhpat Bari, and the five riders who were in it fled. After three consecutive days of boat-holding incidents or incidents were made it is worth investigating. If this is the border of Kutch, then Pakistan army can come at any time. This is a shame for the four tier security agencies. This has proved to be a splash on the border of Gujarat and the country. There is information about where alcohol trucks are coming from. But no one even knows that there is dangerous drugs worth Rs 300 crore. Indian Navy, Coast Guard, BSF Marine Force, Coastal Police and local police work for this.

Mandvi, a trader with Dubai, is believed to be involved because of the 100 kilos of shipment.

100kg of heroin lands in Mandvi …
One hundred kilograms of heroin shipped by international drug mafia was dumped in Kutch Mandvi from the international waters following the departure of Pakistan. Of this, 95 kg was shipped to North India, of which about five kilos was brought by Aziz Wagher of Salaya. Which had been falling for four months.

Why the sea shore drill …

Four months ago a security exercise called the Sea Armor was launched in the Arabian Sea. At that time, an estimated Rs. 300 crore 100 kg of heroin was released from the Arabian Sea four months ago, which was brought to the Mandvi port of Kutch in a small boat belonging to fishermen. Four months ago, Pakistani terrorists revealed a seizure of 100kg of heroin in India by sea.

3500 crore heroin was seized …

On July 16, 2018, a boat was strained on the coast of Porbandar due to heavy rains. Six sailors, who were rescued by rescue operation, were arrested on July 29, 2017 from the Ship-tug, Henry, in the sea of ​​Porbandar, worth Rs. 3500 crore 1500 kg heroin from Cheetah Drugs Porbandar, 388 km from the sea. The Indian Coast Guard captured the country’s largest racket in the country’s history of smuggling heroin drugs from Iran’s Chhabur port into Gujarat. Supreet Tiwari, Monish Kumar, Manish Patel, Sanjay Yadav, Divyesh Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, Vinay Yadav and Anurag Sharma. The investigating agencies also arrested Tiwari’s brother Surjit, Mumbai-based Vishal Yadav, Irrfan Shaikh and the person from whose phone Tiwari was called. Delivery was to be made in Egypt, for which the ship’s captain had to get Rs 5 crore. But he made Rs. The temptation to earn 50 crores diverted the ship to Mumbai instead of Egypt. It was to be taken off the aisle when the fuel was missing. The ship’s captain Supreet Tiwari entered the Indian waters in a lure of an offer made by a sailor from Mumbai, Vishal Yadav. The Iranian original owner of the boat and the merchant of Dubai, Saud al-Murani, asked the ship to be taken to Egypt. The Pakistani intelligence agency has opened an investigation into the agent of ISI. When Ship reached Pakistan’s Gwadar port, two men, Mustafa and Mohammed, who had accompanied Ship from Iran, had landed here. Both of these individuals are also suspected to be agents of ISI. The drugs were packed in blue, red, yellow and blue bar, white, color packing, according to the order of 1523 packets. Which was to hand over 4-5 trugs of mafia to India, including Ahmedabad.

On July 27, 2017, an Iranian cargo ship was launched by Gujarat Coastguard by its ship, Donnier aircraft and helicopters, according to intelligence. The primary doctor was named Prince-2 and the Coast Guard suspected that a large amount of drugs were hidden in the ship today, with more watch on it. The bulk of the drugs had to be dropped from Iran to Gujarat by sea to Bhavnagar or other port. Donnar planes and helicopters were sent to Porbandar Coast Guard and Mumbai as well as Donnier Plane and helicopters from Gandhidham. All the eight captured are Indians. The undocumented tug was created by purchasing a tug and painting it. Was brought from Iran and was about to leave for Aangan. Helicopters flew from Mumbai, Gandhidham and Porbandar, and all three surrounded the tug and were captured.

6 crore worth of heroin seized in Vadodara …

On March 7, 2018, officers of the Department of Narcotics Control seized 1 kg 210 grams of heroin police from a Nigerian citizen for Rs 6 crore from a capital train in Vadodara. For the first time ever, such a large amount of heroin has come from Vadodara. Pistachio used to hide heroin in Rice’s gift box. His name is Mamdoo Buઝez Nonso Chales (AD38) who holds a business visa. Earlier, coffee items like brown sugar, cocaine were used in India. Now, Afghanistan’s white color heroin has begun to come to India. Which is a matter of concern.

Salaya sailing with 2800 crores of heroin …

On May 3, 2014, from the sea between Kenya and Tanzania, the Australian Navy seized eight sailors from the Jamnagar district on a Rs 2800 crore heroin-laden ship. Kathiyara-Haji Basir Thumra, King of Jamsalaya, a ship of Meghaji Ghela, the owner of Veraval Shipping Company, leased 450 tonnes worth of Lakshminarayan from 10 thousand dinars. Several details have come to light after the Australian Navy launched a heroin amount of Rs 2800 crore at 1034 kg ie international market value of the ship, which also created a connection with Veraval, Jamnagar, Mandvi and many speculation.

The son of a former BJP MLA in the 2000 crore drug scam

On April 15, 2016, a quantity of 270 million 1368 kg of ephedrine drugs was recovered from Zak GIDC near Dahegam. The business of which came after the alleged involvement of Kishore Singh Rathod, son of former BJP MLA Bhavsinh Rathore in the black business of 2000 crores drugs found in Solapur, Maharashtra, in which his family, including Bhavsinh, were questioned. The teenager’s close relationship with the drug mafia Vicki Goswami has also been revealed. Former BJP MLA Bhav Singh Rathore was the legislator in Banaskantha’s 1990 Chimnabhai Patel government. He was arrested in Chennai for Manderase drugs, where he served seven years in prison. He has also been jailed for weapons and duplicate notes. In this way, Bhav Singh, who is in the Congress, contributed enormously to Shankar Singh Waghela in the well-known Ajria-Khajuria chapter of Gujarat. The BJP also gave him an MP ticket from Patan. He also became a BJP MLA. Joined the 2012 Congress. During the Kishore Singh election, there were several allegations of getting votes from the policy of Dam-sham-penal-discrimination. He was arrested by the Crime Branch in Ahmedabad in 2000 in a fake currency note case. Kishore Singh was sentenced by the court in this case.

International link to Nigerian …

On March 8, 2018, a large nationwide racket of drugs was seized on the basis of details provided by the Narcotics Department of Ahmedabad. In which a Nigerian youth has been arrested in Bengaluru. This drug involvement was found with America. John, two Nigerian youths caught from Ahmedabad and Vadodara railway stations have been linked to John. In Vadodara, in June 2017, a Nigerian youth named Peter Okafor was arrested with 843 grams of amphetamine, 255 grams of cocaine and 65 grams of tablets, with a total issue of 3.5 million. John William Best was arrested from Ahmedabad’s Kalupur railway station with 587 grams of cocaine, 700 grams of amphetamine with 6 crore worth of goods.

Codeine intoxicant

The NCB seized 42,000 bottles worth Rs 46 lakh from codeine cuff syrup used by Nilesh Chawda. In the past, Mumbai was also caught with seven hundred boxes of codeine-cuff syrup and has since collapsed and deployed in Gujarat. Behrampurama was a medical store whose license was revoked for the sale of codeine syrup. A person named was found to be involved. Meanwhile, FDCA and NCB raided Dia Health Care Sanand and arrested its owner Lalit Patel. On July 29, 2018, 42,000 codeine cuff syrup worth Rs 46 lakh was seized in Patanama Godown. Also involved in this whole scam was Bharat Chaudhary, Lalit Patel, Nilesh Chawda and Ghanshyam Patel of Patan.
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