Studied in London and turned the farm into a laboratory in Morbi, Gujarat 

Sanjay Chandu Rathore of Mansar village in Halwad taluka of Morbi district has done MBA in Marketing from London and is doing Agriculture Management and Marketing. Organic farming of sugarcane, pomegranate, fodder, intercrop, turmeric, turmeric, wheat, cumin, coriander in 15 bighas.
Earn 30 lakhs in a year.
farm lab
The laboratory has established 70 acres of land for residue free production. Plowing with oxen. Herbal medicines are prepared manually. On the 15th day, 200 liters of acacia solution, sour buttermilk, asafoetida and ajma solution are given in the soil by drip irrigation. So ground-borne disease doesn’t harm rats.
Due to the reduction of chemical fertilizers, the consumption of cow urine, country manure, solid materials has increased. Organic-natural farming with cow dung-urine in 40 bighas. There are 30-35 cows in Gaushala, 100 liters of milk is available. The sale of milk takes away all the cost of farming.

Research for seeds
After 4 years of research, he has prepared his own sugarcane seed. After one and a half month of sugarcane, drip irrigation is done on the ridge. So that the height rises and does not fall horizontally.
Out of one stalk, 10 stalks are ready in 10 months. There is 14-15 tonnes of sugarcane crop in 1 Vigha. 20 kg costing Rs. 1 mana 32 mana seed is used. The price of Vigh is 8 thousand. Vighya earns 80-85 thousand rupees from this.