Subsidy reduced to 10 lakh families in Gujarat by increasing the price of gas

Gandhinagar, 12 July 2021
The prices of gas cylinders have been increased for the ordinary-middle class families of Gujarat having 10 lakh LPG gas connections. Subsidies have been reduced by increasing the prices.
By ending the subsidy of LPG cylinder, the BJP government has pushed 95 percent of the people of the country to the brink of inflation. A provision of Rs 40,915 crore has been made for LPG cylinder in the Union Budget for the year 2020-21. Against which a provision of only Rs 12,995 crore has been made for LPG cylinder subsidy in the budget of 2021-22. This is a direct burden of Rs 27,920 crore. This has resulted in reduction in subsidies.
In the year 2020, a subsidy of 176.43 per cylinder is being given in January. In that year 2021, the subsidy will be Rs 21.43. This gas subsidy has also been reduced to zero for most households.

cylinder price
Price in November 30 – 2020 594
Price 644 in December 01 – 2020
Price in January 01 – 2021 694
04 February – 2019 Price 719
February 25 – Price 794 in 2021
March 01 – 2019 Price 819
June 83 – Price 834 in 2021