SUCCESS: We are well on the road to seeing Sukalo and Kismatiya walk free once again!

We are very excited to tell you, our supporters, the outcome of today’s court hearing.

As you know, for three months, Adivasi women forest workers and human rights defenders Sukalo and Kismatiya Gond, have been illegally incarcerated under false charges, in what is the State’s way of punishing the women who are active in their fight for the proper implementation of the Forest Rights Act (2006).

Today’s High Court hearing for our Habeas Corpus petition, that we filed alongside the All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP), has delivered some great news.

The court has given Sukalo and Kismatiya the freedom to seek judicial remedy for their release, meaning they can apply for bail immediately.

Thankfully, Sukalo and Kismatiya were also given the chance to talk with their families, colleagues and fellow union member, and the judges showed compassionate concern for their wellbeing.

We, along with the AIUFWP will move the court for their bail within the next few days, setting in motion the process for their release!
We will not stop fighting until Sukalo and Kismatiya are free, and all false cases against them are quashed!

Our spirit and vigour is fueled by you. Join the movement to continue the fight for Sukalo and Kismatiya, and become part of something big.
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