Modi’s hollow speech: Modi’s big talk, and Gujarat’s reality are different

Modi – different

Gandhinagar, 15 May 2023
Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi came to Gujarat and inaugurated the houses. The figures and details given by him in the speech have to be verified. Modi said that in 9 years about 4 crore ready-built houses have been given to poor families. Out of these, 70 percent houses are in the name of women beneficiaries. In whose name the property is registered for the first time. Along with this, using modern technology, 1000 safe houses have been built in Rajkot in a short time, at a low cost. This experiment has been done in 6 cities of the country under the Light House Project. With such technology, more cheap and modern houses are going to be available to the poor in the coming times. This is a great decision by the Narendra Modi government.
Here are the facts of other things that Gujarat’s son and Uttar Pradesh MP Narendra Modi has said.

Modi – A budget of Rs 3 lakh crore was presented for the poor in Gujarat.
Reality – Out of 7 crore people of Gujarat, 33 percent are poor. Poverty has increased in 22 years.

Modi – In the last few months, about 25 lakh beneficiaries of Gujarat have been given Ayushman cards. About 2 lakh pregnant women of Gujarat have got help from Matru Vandana Yojana.
Fact – Lifetime cards are not accepted in many hospitals. Good treatment is not available in government hospitals. Looting of patients in private hospitals continues.

Modi – 4 new medical colleges have opened in Gujarat.
Truth – Still the youth of Gujarat have to go abroad to become doctors.

Modi – Sometime back 40 thousand poor families got their own pucca houses. In the last 125 days, about 32 thousand houses have been completed. The cost of a house under PM Awas Yojana ranges from one and a half to two lakhs.
Reality – In 2012, Gujarat had promised to provide pucca houses to all homeless people. Today 20 lakh families are homeless.

Modi – 75 percent of the families did not have a permanent toilet in their house.
Truth – There have been scams in the construction of toilets on a large scale in Gujarat. Why the 50 lakh toilets built across Gujarat are not tested together?

Modi – Has given assistance of Rs 11 thousand crore to 5 lakh middle class families in Gujarat by giving bank loan to the middle class for houses along with interest.
Fact – In 10 years 5 lakh people very few families have got loan interest subvention. 50 lakh people need such help.

Under the Modi-AMRUT mission, basic amenities are being improved in 500 cities of the country. Smart facilities being developed in 100 cities of the country are also making them modern.
Fact – Children have died due to Smart City in Gujarat. Smart city works have not been done in areas other than tribal areas.

Modi – Till 2014, there was a metro rail network of 250 kilometers in the country. In 9 years, 600 kilometers of new metro routes have been built, metro has started running on them. There are metros in 20 cities of the country. Electric buses are also being increased rapidly in many cities of Gujarat.
Fact – The work of metro train in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad was started from 2007. Today it has been 16 years since the Metro started. Metro scams have not been properly investigated.

Modi – In 2014, 14-15 percent of the waste was processed, today 75 percent of the waste is being processed.
Fact – Even though BJP is in power in Ahmedabad since 1986, green and dry waste is not segregated even today. 250 cities and 18,000 villages are being dug up and piled up. Only 10 percent of sewage is treated

Modi – Gujarat has given the best model of water management and water supply grid to the country. There are 3,000 km of main pipelines and 1.25 lakh km of distribution lines for drinking water. Clean drinking water has reached 15,000 villages and 250 urban areas.
Fact – Sewage water from cities and villages is being dumped into the Narmada dam from Madhya Pradesh. BJP’s Madhya Pradesh government has not been able to speed up its cleaning. There are thousands of villages where there is neither clean water nor safe drinking water. (translated by google from Gujarat)