Tensions rise on Indo-China border, China continues to increase troops, 100 tents set up, India also reprimands Cena

Despite India’s opposition, China started building a port with 100 tents in Ladakh

Tensions are rising on the Indo-China border in Ladakh. China is steadily increasing the number of troops on the Line of Actual Control in Pangong Tso Lake and the Galvan Valley. China has sent a clear message that it will not end its confrontation with India.

China is strengthening its military in the Galvan Valley. He has pitched about 100 tents in two weeks despite strong opposition from Indian troops. Probably bringing machines to build bunkers.

Local commanders of both the parties have held at least 5 meetings in the last one week, in which the Indian side strongly objected to the Chinese army setting up tents. This is the region of India, where China cannot build tents or ports. India has its own right to this area.

Amid rising tensions, Army Chief General M.M. Military sources believe that India is also engaged in construction work along with the construction of the Indian Army at Pangong Tso Lake and the Galvan Valley by China. This is in a more advantageous position in many sensitive areas of the region.

Tensions on the border between India and China have been rising steadily for the past few days. Violent clashes between 250 Indian and Chinese troops took place on May 5 on the eastern Ladakh border. More than 100 Indian and Chinese soldiers were wounded. This was followed by a clash between the troops of the two countries on May 9, in North Sikkim.

There have been several incidents of border violations by Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh in the past one week. So far the Modi government is silent, so no official confirmation or reply has been received.

India on Thursday said the Chinese military was obstructing the normal patrolling of Indian troops and stressed that India has always acted responsibly when it comes to border management.

In 2017, there was a 73-day confrontation between Indian and Chinese troops in Doklama. There was a possibility of war between the two countries. There is a dispute between India and Pakistan over the 3,488-kilometer border. Claims Arunachal Pradesh as part of southern Tibet.