Passengers stranded in Mumbai will have to wait till May 31, Maharashtra gives reason

People trapped in Maharashtra will have to wait a long time to get out. The Maharashtra government has not yet amended its May 19 lockdown order. In which all domestic and international flights of passengers have been canceled till May 31.

The center plans to resume domestic flights from May 25. Which would not have been possible without the approval of Maharashtra. The Maharashtra government has not yet given permission for the aircraft to be flown. People trapped in Maharashtra due to lockdown will have to wait.

Only certain types of flights were allowed. Domestic medical services, domestic air ambulance and safety related flights are exceptions.

As Maharashtra has the highest number of coronavirus infections, all domestic and international travel of passengers in the state will be restricted till then.

The Maharashtra government on Saturday gave its reason to the Center. The state government says there is a complete ban on traffic and movement of people in its key cities, Mumbai and Poona Red Zone. In that case, we can’t start an airline.

India will try to start international passenger flights before August. Passengers do not need a health bridge application and can instead submit a self-declaration form. Thus the Modi government has had to change its decision. Flights for all passengers in India have been suspended since the announcement of the lockdown from March 25. Which has completed two months.