The auction of saffron mangoes will be started from May 10 in Talal. 1 crore kg of mangoes will be harvested

The auction will start on Sunday, May 10, 2020 at the Talala Marketing Yard of Saffron Mango.

Gandhinagar, 5 May 2020
The mango crop has been adversely affected by the weather. The lockdown has caused economic losses. A resolution was passed at the general meeting of the marketing yard demanding that the state government announce a relief package for mango growers.

The saffron mango season started on May 5, 2019 at Talala Marketing Yard. 7.75 lakh boxes of 10 kg were sold in 46 days of this season. The average price of the box was Rs.345. Which satisfied the saffron mango growers. 8 lakh boxes are likely to be traded. The market and the market together are expected to produce 10 lakh boxes or 1 crore kg of mangoes.

Farmers-traders will not face any difficulty during the saffron mango season due to lockdown. A resolution was recently passed at the yard’s general meeting demanding that the state government provide special facilities so that saffron mangoes can be easily marketed with affordable prices.

Saffron Carrie does not have insurance cover. Even if the once-a-year mango season is short-lived and devoid of crop insurance scheme, special facilities should be provided during the saffron mango season without looking at the Talala area Orange Zone. Due to unseasonal rains – incessant cold and lastly heavy drought, a relief package has been demanded.