Patan’s District Collector Anand Patel’s 2 models implemented all over the country

Patan, 5 May 2020

In order to maintain social distance, the initiative of round marking in front of the shops of essential commodities started by the Gujarat’s Patan district administration has been adopted all over the country. Patan was the first to do the round.
One more initiative of Patan district, which is a pioneer of round marking system, has been implemented across the country.

With the onset of the lockdown, a system of food distribution and public awareness was set up in the city. An advisory has been issued on 8 April 2020 by the Policy Commission of the Central Government to set up a similar system in every district of the country.

A meeting was organized by Patan District Collector Anand Patel with the voluntary organizations of the city. In which a voluntary organization was given the responsibility of licensing and a specific structure was fixed for all the organizations to work under its leadership. The distribution system was successfully running as per the framework decided at the meeting held on 24 March 2020.

According to the advisory issued by the Policy Commission of the Central Government, a nodal officer should be appointed at the district level for coordination with the local voluntary bodies, a major voluntary body should be appointed to coordinate with the nodal officer on behalf of all other bodies. In addition to the areas determined by the Nodal Officer and the Chief Voluntary Organization, other voluntary bodies may be assigned the responsibility of that area.

As far as Patan city is concerned, the community kitchen was run by a single organization as decided in the meeting held under the chairmanship of District Collector Anand Patel. The rest of the organizations were assigned responsibilities per city ward. Meals were distributed.

The home quarantined family was also helped to have the necessities of life in addition to food in their home.

These voluntary organizations and their volunteers also worked day and night in the areas assigned to them to maintain social distance, wear masks, raise awareness about the use of handwash and sanitizers.

When different organizations provide services simultaneously in a particular area, some beneficiaries get more quantity and are excluded from the service which is really needed in other area. To avoid such possibilities, District Collector Anand Patel had fixed a specific structure to help needy families during the lockdown period.

Not a single needy family in Patan goes to bed hungry. It is the success of the district administration in collaboration with voluntary organizations. As a result, it is a matter of pride for Patan district that the advisory issued by the policy commission to implement this work model of Patan across the country.