The Central Government is doing its best to fight the virus

Corona virus is a national calamity and therefore nobody should play politics about it. This is a time when everyone irrespective of their party affiliation should work unitedly without finding fault in each other. The Central Government is doing its best to fight the virus. All the opposition should unitedly help the government setting aside their political differences.

The government is strictly following the protocol of the World Health Organization. They are strictly checking the suspected patients and immediately taking follow-up action.

I heartily appreciate and welcome the initiative taken by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi by appealing and bringing together the SAARC countries to fight the virus unitedly and to create an emergency fund to help the members of the SAARC group. Any member country can use this fund. My heartiest congratulations to the Prime Minister for taking the action. It is also a welcome action of our government to donate ten million US dollars for starting the emergency fund. India is the largest and most economically well off SAARC country and therefore it is our duty to help other smaller and economically weaker countries. This action by our Prime Minister has created a lot of goodwill among the comity of nations. In such a time of crisis, our government has taken the right actions. I therefore strongly welcome and appreciate it with all the abilities at my command.

In the last, I heartily appeal to all the opposition to work and fight unitedly in the face of this national crisis and help the government without finding any fault.