50 percent Vibrant Gujarat’s MOUs was successful 

Gandhinagar 17 March 2020

Details were given  the 3 Vibrant Gujarat in Assembly. In which 50 percent of the projects have been started and 50 percent have not.
There were 74438 MUs in the last three vibrants. 37525 projects have been commissioned. 36913 Projects not commissioned.
MoU of 21,304 projects in 2015 Were done. Out of which 15,488 projects were commissioned. Which achieved 72.70 percent achievement.
The MoU of 24,774 projects in the year 2017 Of those, 15,866 projects were commissioned, which is 73.40% achievement.
MoU for 28,360 projects in 2019 6,171 projects were commissioned and 7311 projects were commissioned in just one year period. 47.54% achievement.

About 30-32% of the country’s cargo is exported from the coast of Gujarat. State revenues are also increasing steadily due to the export of cargo from ports. The revenue of the state was Rs. 964 crore in the year 2017-18. It is Rs. 1145 crore in the year 2018-19. Gujarat is the only state to create a policy for the development of ports.

Gujarat is the only state in the country in which LNG Gas based terminals are built. The LNG terminal is operational in dowry, abhira and posture and will be operational soon in Pipavav. 15 new plots will also be constructed at Alang Shipyard at Mudra and an upgrade of 70 plots is planned. The country’s first CNG at Bhavnagar The terminal is about to be developed. In which the liquid container will be brought in by bringing gas and setting up its distribution system to the industry. For this, MoUs joined FortSite Group Services. Have also done.
Cargo is also transported by captive jetty, along with major and minor ports in the state. It has decided to allow 33 captive JTOs to bring commercial cargo in the state, which will increase the annual revenue of Rs 412 crore.

Startups are encouraged. Gujarat is the No.1 in this and the state has also received the Best Performance Award.

If 50 industrialists gather at the local level and demand for the establishment of GIDC, the government will think in that direction. Currently there are 216 GIDCs in the state. Is employed and more than 1 lakh youths are employed. GIDCs are also provided with infrastructure and subsidies. The work of the new 8 GIDC is in progress in the coming days.