An assembly seat in Gujarat where the Koli society decides to win, not the political party

Strike against BJP in Limbdi Assembly

Limdi, 21 July 2020

Congress ex. MLA Soma Ganda Koli Patel was expected to get a ticket after resigning from Congress Limbdi assembly constituency of Surendranagar district of Gujarat. BJP can give him a ticket. The leaders who convinced him are no longer in the BJP, just now. Here, the BJP has decided inside to give tickets to former Modi government ex minister Kirit Singh Rana, whose name was indirectly announced by the former party leader.

Koli society is in a fighting mood. If the Congress gives tickets to others, other than Koli and the BJP does not give tickets to the Koli community, it will stand as an independent candidate on behalf of the community. The Koli society has decided to win. This policy has been decided by the coalition leaders of both Congress and BJP. Socialism is not going on here, but in favor. If the Congress gives a ticket, the Koli leaders of the BJP will win it.

If the Congress gives the ticket to Kalpna Dhoria, the female president of Surendranagar district panchayat, she can win. But the current Congress leader wants to give ticket to Chetan Khachar. This candidate is fine for defeat. If Chetan Khachar was given a ticket, Kirit Singh’s victory would be easy. Congress will field such a candidate to be defeated.

Collie Society; Congress and BJP social leaders have decided to win the Limbdi assembly meeting Koli. Those who give tickets will win them. If the Congress and BJP do not give tickets, then to stand an independent candidate. Koli voters are the highest.

Anger against Soma Patel

His politics is now over after BJP activist Soma Ganda Koli Patel in Limbdi favored him. However, Soma Koli Patel will demand a ticket from the BJP for her son. But the party probably won’t give them a ticket. Because there is a lot of resentment against Soma Ganda Patel in Limbdi. They are no longer allowed to attend a society meeting or cannot go. There was a protest at Somabhai Patel’s office. And shouted slogans. Fifteen former Congress MPs had sought tickets for the Lok Sabha, but gave it to Soma Ganda and the Congress lost badly.

How many votes, Harjeet

The Limbdi assembly seat has 75 thousand women and 89 thousand men and 1.65 lakh voters. Tapada Koli and Chuwaliya Koli are the influences of the society. Apart from this, Dalit voters are also necessary for Harjeet. Tapada Koli is 35 percent, Chuvalia Koli 9.50 percent, Dalit voters 17 percent, Kshatriya voters 11 percent, Dalwadi society 11 percent, Maldhari 13 percent and RJD society 13 percent.

On this seat, Congress’s Soma Ganda Koli Patel defeated Darbar Kirit Singh Rana by 1561 votes. Bhawan Bharwad has also been elected once from here. Nitin Bhardwaj, district in-charge of RC Fadu, Surendranagar, has been made in-charge of the Limbdi assembly for the by-election.

District is the stronghold of the entire Congress
In 2017, Congress MLA was elected in Surendranagar district. Naushad Solanki of Congress, Soma Patel of Limbadi Congress, Hrithik Makwana of Congress in Chotila, Parsottam Sabariya of Congress in Dhanaghra, Rajesh Gohil of Congress in Dhandhuka, Lakha Bharwad of Congress in Veeramgam and Dhanji Patel in Vadhwan were elected BJP. Thus, as the BJP lost the entire district, immoral sabotage and secularism took place after 2017. It is still going on. The BJP will still buy and sell by breaking the referendum. BJP has been elected only 3 times in 17 Lok Sabha elections. He is also accused of embezzling EBM.

Transient major disease
On 20 June 2018, the BJP established its power by using immoral rituals to break up the taluka panchayats belonging to the Congress. In which, women congress members in Limbdi taluka panchayat were expelled from the party. Apart from this, in Chuda and Sayla taluka panchayats too, the BJP overthrew the elected power of the people and captured power unethically by overthrowing them. Thus the lotus blossomed in the three taluka panchayats. It extends from Soma Ganda Patel. The only reason is that the people of Surendranagar are not with BJP and with Congress. This is not tolerated by the BJP. Congress has alleged that BJP has bought Congress MLAs for Rs 70 crore.