The goods of the farmers are falling in the fields, nobody is ready to take them

Gujarat Kisan Congress Chairman Palbhai Ambaliya wrote a letter to all the district collectors of the state including the Chief Minister, Agriculture Minister, Leader of the Opposition and requested for some kindness to the farmers in the middle of the corona.

You have already acknowledged that the Chief Minister and Agriculture Minister has not made any tie to the state government despite the fact that the crop has failed due to heavy rainfall. Our government has always failed to provide equal rights to farmers.

When the farmers were out on the summer, Corona’s wharf has started. Lockdown happened in Ravipak only when it was harvest time. Farmers have had a hard time dealing with the disadvantages and losses. Farmers harvested or harvested wheat, coriander, chickpeas, cumin, millet, onion, but now all these crops are lying on the farmer’s farm.

Farmers don’t have a godown to save. There is no one to take it to the market. Similarly, horticultural crops are irritating to the farmers who are planting mango, cucumber, pomegranate, banana, coconut and vegetables as well as watermelon and sugarcane.

1) All PakVima insurance companies should be targeted and at least 75% to 100% of PakVimos shall be declared immediately to the farmers holding all crops in the kharif season of Gujarat.

2) At least 35% of the financing of all lending farmers’ accounts that the farmers have taken credit for last year should be financed by the state government.

3) In 18047 villages of Gujarat, Talati minister or village servant should register the crop. Call to sell their farm in the open market or marketing yard by giving a token. So that the right goods come in and the wrong crowd does not accumulate.

4) Cooperatives, Union should take steps to ensure that chemical fertilizers are being traded.

5) Exemption should be given to farm based industries.

6) Traders should be allowed to buy directly from farmers’ farms.

7) While only 10% of the people who really needed the government’s advertisement for rationing were benefited, there is a possibility of large-scale corruption in this operation which is an attempt to get your attention.

8) It is permissible not to allow the payment of farmers’ farm equipment or vehicles till the end of the corona, but the banks may also be exempt from the fact that their interest is levied.

9) Relief not only for the union of milk and milk producers but also for private units so that if thousands of milk product units are opened, milk prices will be maintained and milk producers will also be relieved.

Gujarat Kisan Congress President Palbhai Ambalia 9924252499 said.