Benefit from Corona, work at home culture creats, 90% of the government runs from home

Gandhinagar, 10 April 2020

The long-term benefit of Gujarat due to the corona virus is that good offices will now be asked to work from home in the years to come. At present, the government itself is making employees work from home.

The state government’s administrative system has collapsed amid the coroner’s transition to Gujarat. The government has recently introduced a one-issue program to combat the transit of Corona. Sections of the Secretariat are dormant. Only the necessary work takes place between the attendance of the staff. All departments other than health related and affiliate departments have been locked out.

Due to the lockdown situation in Gujarat, work order home has been ordered in the secretariat till 14th April. The secretariat consists of only the Golden Temple-1, the office of the Chief Secretary, the Office of Disaster Management, the control room, the police building and the residence of the Chief Minister. As the state Chief Minister has looked into the operations and health facilities against corona virus, the on-going works and schemes of various departments have been postponed. The government has assigned Corona related duties to most officers, including Forest Department employees.

While the secretariat is attended by the Charity Officers and Class I officers, the employees of Class-2 to Class-IV are allowed to work-home. At Gandhinagar, the old and new secretariat now has an attendance of only 35 per cent. The Chief Minister of the state gives orders in the district to discuss the relevant meetings of Corona, the meetings of the core committees and the high officials. The Cabinet of Ministers is vacant as members of the state cabinet have also been ordered to take charge of the districts in charge. No staff in the offices. Apart from Swarnim complex-1 and complex-2, no visitor is allowed in the secretariat sections.

Sources in the General Administration Department said that if the decision is not taken by the central government to extend the lockdown at the April 13 meeting, employees will be ordered to be present in all the offices of the government from April 15, but if the lockdown is extended, the employees will be exempted from the work from home again, however important. Catch for a few hours where a physical presence is needed to settle Avavamam may, if it needs to be determined according to the department head.

Apart from the secretariat in Gandhinagar, the employees of the board-corporation have also been discharged in the offices of the corporation and other buildings in Sector-10 are also suffering. The only civil supply corporation’s office is kept open. Similarly, the presence of some officers is found in the Krishi Bhavan. After entering into the Secretariat, the employee or any person without entry is allowed to leave as per the importance of the work. There is also strict police scrutiny and constant patrolling of the police at the entry points of Gandhinagar.