The hills of Pavagadh, Gujarat, green with bats and coconuts

Gandhinagar, 23 June 2023
Shreefal is offered in thousands to Mahakali Mata at Pavagadh in Gujarat. Due to the children of Shrifal, there was a lot of dirt in the temple premises and on the hill of Pavagadh. The shopkeepers burnt the husk of the coconut. So there was smoke. To solve this, the temple trustees and the forest department decided to make cocopeat, an organic fertilizer for coconut plants. It was used for growing plants in nurseries.

Annually 2200 crore coconuts in the country and 22 crore coconuts in Gujarat are produced from coconut farms. A large part of which is used in the temple.

Chhatardiav’s Forest Development Cooperative Society and the Forest Department had planned to cut down the forest and grow trees in the Boda Dungar of Pavagadh from August 2022.
There was no use of coconut husk. A fruit picking machine was kept here.

Growing plants using cocopeat increases their moisture storage capacity. Coconut being light in weight also reduces the cost of transportation. Plants can also be easily manipulated. Room material is well proportioned. Using cocopeat, plants grow and develop faster with less cost. With the budget given by the temple, the forest department started the construction of the cocoa pit. The trees were grown on 10 hectares of land in Navlakhi Kothar area. In which 42 thousand saplings of 30 species including Banyan, Peepal, Jambu, Parijat, Karmdan, Sesam, Panikanji, Kanj, Amla, Umro, Gunda were planted.

32 thousand trees were planted on 20 hectares of land in Pavagadh foothills. Under the theme base plantation, 2500 saplings of ornamental trees like Panagaru, Kachnar, Garmalo, Gulmahor, Tabubian were planted on both sides of the road from the foothills of Pavagadh to Machhi.

To provide moisture and water to the trees, a pond with a storage capacity of two lakh cusec liters was built on the Pavagadh hill near Navlakhi Kothar. Due to this lake, the trees get water till the end of March. Drip irrigation was done in 10 hectares in front of Navlakhi Kothar and on Pavagadh hill.

Drip irrigation has also been done.

The forest officer of Halol range is Satish Baria. A machine was installed in Machi to make organic fertilizer from coconut husk. In which big pieces are finely chopped. Now the second machine prepares small to fine powder. This is called cocopeat. 15 to 20 kg of cocopeat is prepared daily.

Cocopeat is currently being used in various nurseries of Panchmahal district. 4 thousand rupees will be collected in 5 hectares of land in the opposite direction of the new restaurant.
Seedballs throw seeds where humans can’t go. Here seeds will be sprinkled by drones around the hill. Cocopeat will be sold. Pilgrims can also use it as a fertilizer for their home plants.

In December 2022, it was decided to grow 11 thousand saplings and green the open area on Pavagadh hill. After sowing paddy, pipla, karmada and ketki, it was decided to grow plants by drip irrigation method. There are hills with branches like arms on the Pavagadh mountain. Trees grow on one such branch of Pavagadh, which is divided by the valley. The trees grew in the Navlakha Kothar area, which is located just behind the Mai Mandir and has an inverted saucer-shaped bhutal.

The Godhra Forest Department started growing trees through drip irrigation with the help of ancient lake and well water. Milk trees ie banyan, pipla, karmada, land conserving ketaki trees are in abundance. Which has the property of sticking fast to the soil. This is the natural habitat of porcupine. Pipes were often cut. The soft stem of the Kumla plant was chewed. That’s why it had to be monitored daily. The valleys of Pavagadh are green, but the top is a mostly barren flat area.

We have a large number of trees here because of bats. The Pavagadh hill is covered with a green sheet. 51 Shaktipeeth Maa Kalika is considered one of the Shaktipeeths of Peki.
The spring season begins when the rains begin.

18 species of bats
Bats carry many viruses. There is no side effect of the virus on them. So he started living in the forest. If we cut trees for its habitat, humans will come to the colony and spread the disease. Gets sick due to stress. Then the virus present in it starts spreading disease in humans.

Not much attention has been paid to bats, the most useful in the natural cycle.

Bats have been researched for more than 10 years. Around 18 species of bats live in the forests of Jambughoda and Pavagadh, Professor, Department of Zoology, M.S.Uni. Devkar says. Bats are the shyest mammals. It chooses a place in the forest away from humans. Lives there for years. One bat eats 1200 insects like flies, mosquitoes in one night. Large bats called Wagul survive by eating only fruits. This seed that came out of his mouth grows three times faster than a human can grow a tree. Therefore, saffron is most useful in the spread of forests.

Heritage forest
6 KM from Halol. A remote heritage forest has been established. 3 kms from Halol on the way to Champaner-Pavagarh. Then on the left there is a road to Jambughoda. Immediately after turning on that road one comes to Dhabadungri, and one has to walk another 3 km on that road. Then comes the Heritage Forest. Places like Pavagadh, Chelawada, Kevdi within 100 kms around Vadodara indulge in nature’s greenery and adventure activities.

Provides an excellent opportunity to sleep.

45 kms from Vadodara. Pavagadh is situated at an altitude of about 853.4 meters on a hill amidst remote forest. Sultan Mahmud Begada BC Made Champaner his capital in 1484. It is a world heritage site. Dhabadungri, Heritage Forest and Champaner-pa

Vagarh is a place worth visiting. Bhil and Koli communities have been worshiping. Above Pavagadh was the kingdom of Champa Bhils. The king of Patekula was a devotee of Kalka Mata. Raja Jai Singh was defeated by Muhammad Begada and conquered Champaner and established his kingdom there.

When Pavagadh was captured by Sultan Mohammad Begada in the 15th century, after 1484 the shikhara of the Mahakali temple was demolished and Sadanshah Pir’s dargah was built on top of it. Pavagadh lost its grandeur and glory after the attack, but has been restored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The flag was hoisted on the Mahakali temple after 500 years. The historic Champaner village, which was once the capital of Gujarat, is located.
This is an ancient temple of Kalikamata. The mention of Pavagadh is found in the poem of Chand Barot composed in the eleventh century. The temple has beautiful idols of three forms of Mataji. There are also temples of Bhadrakalimata, Lord Lakulish and Jains. A large community of pilgrims throng here during the Navratris of Aso and Chaitra.

Ban on quince
On March 20, 2023, it was decided by the temple trust not to allow devotees to take conch shelled shreefal to the hill. Devotees protested against the temple management wherever they found space at the bottom of the hill. Hindu organizations and businessmen were angry. The new fruit-growing machine that was installed became an ornamental knot. You can bring an unpeeled whole quince and take it home to Mataji along with chundri. But can’t grow.

7 hectare forest fire
On 30 April 2023, a fire spread over an area of more than 7 hectares in Pavagadh. The fire was likely to move down the hill. If the dew increases in the mountainous area where devotees come for darshan, then it is difficult to control it.

Greenery will increase shooting of films
Champaner is at the foothills of Pavagadh and Manchi village is situated at a distance of four to five kilometers from it. A spiral shaped road leads up to Machi village. There is also a ropeway facility to climb the fort from Machi. From Champaner to Machi climb the hill through the forest. There is a dense forest in the middle of the way, so this path is very difficult. In monsoon, the entire Pavagadh is covered with clouds. Even before Pavagadh, the green hills of Pavagadh are visible from Vada Lake. Pre wedding suit here. Several Gujarati films were also shot at the Pavagadh and Vada lake locations. Now there will be a lot of cinema shooting here.

Manganese ore is mined here. 936 meters high is the place from where the river Vishwamitri originates.

358 places of Hinduism

Pavitra Yatra Dham Development Board includes 8 holy places of Hindus and 358 religious deities. The 8 holy places are Somnath, Dwarka, Girnar, Palitana, Ambaji, Dakor, Pavagadh and Shamlaji. In all these places complaints of corruption are made before the government but no action is taken.

The government cannot spend on any religion. In a secular country, a case is going on in the Gujarat High Court regarding the unconstitutional and unfair allocation of public funds by the government to a particular religion.

Corruption has taken the place of Mahakali!

The project is being jointly undertaken by the PWD and the tourism department at Pavagadh, where the temple of Mahakali is located. The initial cost behind the project was Rs 78 crore, which has increased to Rs 125 crore. The contractor had earlier also tried to fill such a high tender. But Anil Patel did not accept it and reduced the price. As soon as he left the board, the price was immediately increased and the work was given. The tender details have been removed from the Board’s website. Tender related information has disappeared on the website of Yatradham Development Board. This happened after the crores scam of Khet Talavadi came to the fore.

government’s double talk

After releasing an audio clip of RTI activist Kishore Nathwani’s phone conversation with Anil Patel, former Joint Secretary of Yatradham Development Board, regarding corruption of Rs 70 crore in the Yatradham Development Board, the official admitted that corruption has taken place. Yatradham Development Board Minister Dilip Thakor has ordered an inquiry. The Deputy Chief Minister says that the allegations are false. He is accusing the talking officer. Allegations of corruption are also being leveled by the Congress. However, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has ordered an inquiry. Evidence has also been sought from former joint secretary of the board, Anil Patel. In this way, the BJP government is talking in two faces.
Tender related information has disappeared on the website of Yatradham Development Board. This happened after the multi-crore scam of Khet Talavadi came to the fore.

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