The patient with coronary infection after 11 days is not at risk, the result of two studies

The National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID), which is conducting research on the corona, claims that most patients cannot spread the infection to another person 11 days after the virus is passed. He also claimed that a person infected with the corona could spread the virus two days before the onset of symptoms.

The researchers made the claim after researching 73 corona-infected patients admitted to hospitals. According to the Singapore newspaper Strait Times, the number of viruses in the patient’s body is likely to increase. It spreads in the air for up to seven days after symptoms of corona appear, but within eight to ten days it begins to weaken. It is completely destroyed on the 11th day.

Leo Yi, director of NCID, says that 11 days after the infection, the patient is no longer dangerous to others. According to Ashok Kurup, a doctor of Indian descent involved in the research, the results of this study are very accurate. Even if they are severely infected, it is safe to apply them in patients suffering from Covid-19.

According to Singapore rules, after two tests return negative, the infected patient is discharged within 24 hours. According to NCID, if a swab test report is positive, it does not mean that it can cause the virus to spread to other infected people. It is believed that the rules for corona infections in Singapore could be changed at present after this research.

Severely ill patients require prolonged intensive care. Therefore, even if they do not need to be isolated, it is not advisable to give them leave after 11 days, as even if they do not spread the infection to others, their own lives may be in danger.

The results of the research done in Singapore are similar to other research done earlier in Germany. Research in Germany has shown that the number of viruses in a patient’s throat and lungs increases rapidly in the first 7 days after infection, but the rate of subsequent spread slows down and ends after 11 days.