The southwest monsoon likely to arrive in Veraval coastal belt and South Gujarat in 24 hours

The monsoon has reached many parts of Maharashtra. The monsoon in Mumbai will be officially announced today or tomorrow. Heavy rains are forecast in Maharashtra today and tomorrow.

A private weather organization has said that the southwest monsoon will officially hit the Arabian Sea and the coastal belt of Veraval as well as South Gujarat in the next three hours.

Saurashtra – The amount of rainfall in Gujarat and its areas will also start increasing from today. Monsoon is likely to set in in many parts of Saurashtra-Gujarat by June 31.

The low-pressure of the Bay of Bengal extends to the East-West Sierzone. Systems will also be formed in the Arabian Sea, which will result in good rainfall till June 21. Thus, rainy weather will be maintained in Saurashtra-Kutch-Gujarat next week.