The sudden increase in corona is the beginning of the first phase of community infection, will hospitals fill up now?

The community transition has begun. As its pace slows, markets open and people move, corona cases will increase. Markets are now open in Gujarat. Now schools and colleges are set to open. People have started walking among the crowds.

The rate of infection is relatively slow, so that the structure of the health system is in a position to bear the burden and every patient can seek treatment in the hospital.
Gujarat, the Center or any other state government has not yet agreed that there will be a community transition in the country.

How fast the rate of infection spreads can only be determined by considering the case history of Kovid patients. This work can only be done at the government level.

Anurag Saxena, head doctor of the medicine department at Primus Hospital, said that the way corona cases are increasing in the country can be considered as the first stage of community transition.

The number is increasing in which the exact cause of corona is not known, it can be considered a symptom of community infection.

Anurag Saxena believes that now we have to be ready for it, believing that it will happen to Korona. The sooner we accept it, the better. So it will protect people from corona infection in the future. Every sick person can be treated in a hospital, this is a big thing for us. The immune system of the people is so strong that the people of 10 countries of the Indian subcontinent are less infected.

Even if the lockdown continues, it will increase in Corona’s cases, slowing down. But its other disadvantages have been seen on the economy. Which is just as important as avoiding corona infections.

Slowly opening up market-transport is the only good option. A significant number of PPEs in the country. Kits, ventilators and N-95 masks are produced in large quantities. It was previously exported abroad.

Today, more than 6,000 cases are reported every day in the country. If testing capacity is increased, more cases will start to grow. The highest rate is based on test ability and result.

It is the responsibility of the people to follow the rules of social distance and wearing masks and to avoid infection of the corona.

With 4 crore workers arriving in the village, there could be a sharp rise in corona cases. Corona can be reached in rural areas of states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, where the health infrastructure is strong. In a poor health infrastructure like Gujarat, it is difficult to reach rural areas.

Corona cases have increased, but the rate is still around five to six percent. This rate should not increase too much. The government will try to do this.

The total number of corona cases in Delhi is 12910. The active case is 6412. 184 patients are admitted to ICU, 27 people are on ventilator. Thus the number of critically ill patients is very low, so their treatment is possible even if the total cases of corona increase. On the same day, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that even if 50,000 cases were registered in Delhi, they would be able to treat everyone.