Farmers of Gujarat are now making potato chocolates, but Loot of farmers in the price of seeds

Gandhinagar, 4 December 2020

In the town of Deesa, Gujarat, where potato is grown the most, potato chocolate, peppermint-peppermint pill, jam, vadi, pickle, caster powder, sev, starch, maida farmers have started making. Although there are very few farmers. But a huge market of about 400 items made of potatoes has been forgotten. After contract farming, farmers are now starting a domestic potato industry here, which makes them 4 times more profitable. The McCain company is in Mehsana which consumes 40,000 tonnes of potatoes. The company makes many items and exports big. Now farmers are following the same path.

Potatoes planted in 96 thousand hectares

By the end of November, 96 thousand hectares of potatoes have been planted in Gujarat. By the end of November last year, 79 hectares had been planted. Potatoes have been planted on 55 thousand hectares in Banaskantha. It has been planted in Sabarkantha, Aravalli, Gandhinagar on 10 to 15 thousand hectares. Banaskantha accounts for 60% of the total potato planting in Gujarat.

The maximum cultivation in this village of Deesa

Malgarh, Dawas, Ganaji, Golia, Kansari, Jorapura, Wadawal, Mahadevia, Gharpada, Vidal, Janal, Ranpur, Baivada in Gujarat’s Banasakantha village are the largest potatoes produced in the village. There are many farmers in these villages who are cultivating 50,000 kg per hectare. The productivity of Gujarat in the 2019-20 season is 31 thousand kg. Which is the highest in entire India. Banaskantha alone produces 64%.

Sowing completed

Potato sowing is nearing completion. In general, 15 November is the best time to sow potatoes. Potatoes are more affected by the environment. It is a quiet current that suits him. In November, 90 percent of the planting is done by farmers. But due to high seed prices, there will also be good sowing in the first week of December.

Can be planted in 1.25 lakh hectares

Potatoes were planted on 1.18 lakh hectares in 2019-20. Estimated production was 36.65 lakh tonnes. An average production of about 31 thousand kg per hectare was estimated by the Department of Agriculture. This time, farmers are speculating that potatoes will be planted in an area of ​​1.25 lakh hectares. Production can surpass 4 million tonnes. Ground water is full due to good rainfall in North Gujarat and Central Gujarat. Not more than 2% of the area in which potatoes are grown through the Narmada canal. Gujarat has the highest potato productivity per hectare in India.

Loot of farmers in the price of seeds

Gujarat will require 3.80 lakh tonnes of potato seeds. Traders of Banaskantha are raising the price of 50 kg of seed from Rs 800 to Rs 3,100 last year. Thus the traders in the seeds are looting from the farmers. The cost of seed in a bigha is 25 thousand rupees. The total cost of sowing in one bigha is 35 to 40 thousand rupees. 2500 to 3000 kg of potato is required in one hectare. Farmers also sold potato seeds in vegetable market to get a price. Now paying more at the time of planting. Potato seeds come from Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. ETC seeds have been sold for Rs 3100. In Banaskantha, 55 lakh kattas go for seeds. Out of which 5.50 crore kattas of potato are produced.
14-15 water required. Potatoes are sown at a distance of 15–20 cm from the eye piece in a 45 cm release.

Potato prices will increase

Planting declined slightly last season. Prices remained high in the current season as planting decreased elsewhere. Given the high seed prices, even if the planting season declines in the current season, higher prices for potatoes may have to be paid in the new season as well.

sale price

Last year, farmers got a selling price of Rs 200 per 20 kg. The traders last sold it in the market at a price of Rs.600. Thus traders found 3 times more than the farmer. Compared to this, the price of Rs 100 per 20 kg after cutting the production cost to the farmers

Potato varieties

Kufri comes before every name
Eat – Emperor, Pankajraj, Sutlej
Processing – Chipsona-1, -2, -3, Locker, Jyoti, Atlantic
Heaps Collection – Badshah, Jawahar, Bahar, Sutlej, Pushkar
Frontframe – Moonflower, Sun.
For Kachhihra – Pukhraj, Ashok, Sutlej, Fame

25 kg consumption per head

The average annual consumption of potatoes in the world is 66 kg. 18 kg in India. The people of Germany are eating 129 kg, Ireland 101 kg, Poland 96 kg potatoes per person. In Gujarat, potatoes have not been accepted as a complete food till now. Now the industry that is being formed in DSA can be like this.


Production of 150 to 400 quintals per hectare. 16 to 20 percent drying results. Potato tuber contains 75% water and 25% protein. Which contains 16 percent carbohydrate. Sodium is present in large amounts. Potatoes are cooked in 90 to 120 days.

200 coldstorage

It is stored in 200 cold storage in Banaskantha. Disa potatoes are sold in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu. Around 20 million potatoes weighing 50 kg go to Dubai.
Contract farming

Processing companies fixed the price at Rs 180 per 20 kg from contract farming last year. It made a profit of one lakh per acre.


ગુજરાતમાં 73 ટકા બટાટા લેડી રોસેટા અને કુફરી પુખરાજ જાતના પાકે છે, 40 કરોડ કિલો બિયારણની ખરીદી

It is estimated that 2 crore potato bags will be exported to states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as well as Dubai.