The big scandal has come out as BJP leaders in Gujarat

The big scandal has come out as BJP leaders are taking away the grain for free giving to the poor and distributing it from their private offices. Today the poor people are feeling that the BJP has made April flowers in the name of the poor. Listen,

the government of Gujarat started giving away 3.55 million members of 3.5 million wheat, 1.5 kg rice, 1.5 kg rice, 1 kg pulses, 1 kg sugar and 1 kg salt free from April 1, 2020 to the 3.25 crore members of Vidarbhaya’s 60 lakh ration card families. Complaints have been raised in many places in the state, where the grain is not available and if it is found, it is rotten. Gujarat has set a record for giving free grains but it is raising profanity. Government grain was sown in the office of Surat BJP MP CR Patil. Even so, the women have declared the scam to be taken out of their office by truck and taken to the bar. In which, Surat-Navsari MP CR Patil, who is close to BJP leader and Narendra Modi, has grabbed the women by removing the video in such a scandal.