Treatment of weak nerves in back or body pain

There is a cure for any weak nerve of the body. Nerve weakness is medically called Neuropathy, which defines different types of nerve disorders. This disorder affects one or more parts of your body and weakens the nerves. However, for some individuals this problem may be temporary, while for others it may involve lifelong suffering.

Any weak vein in the body can be treated at home. Do not press the vein. Rest as much as possible. If there is swelling, consume ice and hot things alternately. Massage to reduce swelling. Just massage gently.

Dizziness or blurred vision is also a sign that the nerves are weak because blood is not able to circulate. Indigestion or insomnia also indicate weakness of nerves.

treatment of nervous weakness
When any of these symptoms occur in the body, there is severe pain in the nerves, which causes discomfort.

1. Peppermint Oil
If there is severe pain in the veins, then massage the affected area with mint oil. This will provide relief from nerve pain.

2. Mustard oil
Mustard oil provides relief from nerve pain. Heat mustard oil and massage. will benefit.

3. Lavender flowers
Soak lavender flowers and its needles in bath water and take a bath.

4. Bornee Goatli Thalio – Ber Ki Guthali
To remove weakness of nerves, eating borer leaves with jaggery will strengthen the nerves and make the body strong.

5. Cow’s milk
To remove the weakness of nerves, consuming butter and sugar with cow’s milk removes the weakness of nerves to a great extent.

6. Raisins
Eating raisins is a good remedy for nervous weakness. It should be used only in winter season.

7. Basis of Ayurveda
Make a mixture of Ashwagandha 100 grams, Satavar 100 grams, Bahipatra 100 grams, Isabgul 100 grams, Tal Mishri 400 grams and take it with milk in the morning and evening. With about a month of use, the blood capacity of the body increases. Brings strength to the nerves.

8. Exercise
If there is a lot of pain in the veins, then regular exercise should be done, which is very beneficial for the veins and the lump formed in them will also gradually get cured.

9. Bhrastik Pranayam
Bhrastik Pranayama is also very beneficial for nerve patients.

10. Anulom-Vilom
Anulom-Vilom Pranayam can completely cure the problem of nerves and if practiced for a long time, the disease can be cured.

11. Massage Remedy
Massaging the entire body relaxes all the muscles as well as provides relief to the affected area.

Home remedies
Rock salt is a home remedy for weakness of nerves. Sindalu or rock salt reduces swelling. Improves balance between muscles and nerves. It contains magnesium and sulphate which are the main sources of its properties. Taking bath with rock salt water removes weakness of nerves and muscles. The ingredients required for this include a cup of rock salt and a bucket of water.
Soaking the painful area in rock salt water for 20 minutes provides relief. Bath can be taken with this water. Do this once in two days. Until the vein heals completely.

Ashwagandha is a home remedy for nervous weakness. Ashwagandha provides warmth, energy and strength to our body, which improves the functioning of nerves. In Ayurveda, its root is used more than its leaves. Its roots have properties that improve the nervous system. The ingredients required include one teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder and a glass of milk or a glass of water. Drink it every night before sleeping and after waking up in the morning. Take it for a month until the symptoms subside.

Drinking chamomile tea mixed with water provides relief from nervous weakness. Drink chamomile tea three to four times daily.
Green tea is a panacea for weak nerves. It contains an element called L-theanine, which is considered beneficial for brain health. You can add a green tea bag, cool a cup of hot water and then make it lukewarm. You can drink green tea three times a day.

Bala or Khapat

Fenugreek is a herb. Drinking Khapat juice is very beneficial. This increases man’s lifespan, physical strength, vigor and sexual power.
Khapat root oil is beneficial in pain.

Khareti is called ‘Bala’ in Ayurveda. Which is an excellent tonic, astringent and carminative herb. Bala is sweet, heavy, astringent, cooling, bile killer, astringent, diuretic, cardiac, deodorizing, tonic, tonic, tonic and analgesic, and is effective in treating swelling, paralysis, gas pain, leprosy, eye diseases, convulsions, flatulence, Cures many diseases like scurvy, weakness, fever, summer diarrhea, dysentery, leucorrhoea, arthritis, deadly piles.

Its roots, leaves, seeds and pods are used medicinally. Balarishta, Balatel and Baldyaghrit of Ayurveda are made from it.

All types of air disorders like arthritis, paralysis, back pain, tremor etc. are also cured. Castor oil massage is recommended for gas disorders in Ayurveda.

Balat oil is easily available in the market. For quick relief, it is beneficial to consume one spoon of Balatil with Malice in the morning and evening.
Making a decoction of Bala root and drinking it every morning reduces back pain.
Baladi Kwath, Baladh Dhrit, Baladharishta, Chandanbalalakshadhi oil etc. are majorly used in Ayurvedic medicine along with many other herbs. These herbs are very useful in gas disease.

Consuming Bala provides relief from arthritis. In arthritis, drinking 5-10 mg decoction of the root three times a day is beneficial.
Moringa is also beneficial in removing physical weakness. Mix equal quantity of sugar in the powder of bark of Bala root. Consume this powder in the amount of about 3-5 grams with milk in the morning and evening. Make a decoction of leaves, bark, roots etc. Give it in a dose of 3 mg. Boiling 50 grams of Bala Panchang in 3-4 liters of water and drinking it provides relief in rickets. Using it as a decoction provides relief in headache, sore throat, back pain, menstruation, ear diseases, nose diseases, eye diseases and tongue diseases. (translated from Gujarati by Google)