People are no longer afraid of the Viceroy, they are more afraid of this thing

A study conducted by the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow has shown that people are worried about the future after the lockdown, not the coronavirus.

The study, conducted by IIM Lucknow’s Center for Marketing in Merging Economics, found that people are now afraid of a sinking economy instead of a corona. The study showed that 79 percent of people are concerned about this. However, 40 percent are scared and 22 percent are unhappy with it.

Survey of people in 104 cities in 23 states
People from 104 cities in 23 states participated in the study. The study shows that people are now fearing that the country’s economy will suffer due to the lockdown. People’s behavior after the lockdown is more sensitive to the fear of the economy. Concerned about the economic uncertainty but also confident in the steps taken by the government.

32 percent are concerned about the impact on the economy, while 15 percent are concerned. The biggest concern is that they will become unemployed after the lockdown. The second biggest concern among people is how long there will be uncertainty about it.

It also believes in government and health infrastructure. 3 out of 5 people are confident about the steps taken by the government. In the first lockdown, while 57 per cent had confidence in the government, it has risen to 63 per cent during the second lockdown. He says the mask, P.P.E. Health infrastructure has improved due to the kit and other guides. Even 70 percent of people believe in social distance.

29% of people believe they should follow the rules and cooperate in safety. 26 percent are satisfied with the low number of Kovid-19 infections. 19 per cent believe the government has taken the right steps and led the way. A total of 931 people participated in the study.