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Water Technology Seminar Held at Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019
Under the umbrella of Vibrant Summit 2019, Water technology Seminar was
organized by Water Supply Dept., Govt. of Gujarat jointly with Govt. of Denmark
through Royal Danish Embassy, New Delhi. Minister of Denmark along with
Delegates of embassy of Denmark were remained present in the seminar. Letter of
Intent was signed by Water Supply Dept. Govt. of Gujarat and Govt. of Denmark in
the presence of Hon.Minister, Water Supply Shri Kunvarjibhai Bavaliya , Hon.
Minister State, Water Supply & irrigation , Shri Parbatbhai Patel. Principal Secretary
, WS, Shri J.P.Gupta, CEO, Wasmo, Member Secretary, GWSSB and senior Govt.
officials as well as private sector representatives have attended the seminar on a
larger scale.
Ideas, views and expertise in water sector between the countries were
shared. The seminar mainly covered areas of Water Supply, Water distribution,
reuse of treated water and sustainable water resources management. This
collaboration will benefit both the countries in terms of technology in water and
waste water sector. Hon. Minister Denmark also visited Water Treatment Plant at
Kudasan Headwork, Gandhinagar of GWSSB.
Gujarat Information Department,
Government of Gujarat,
20 January, 2019

Next 5 years will be the Golden Era for Renewable Energy in
Gujarat, Government of Gujarat will release 2000 MW of solar
tenders in the coming months: Saurabhbhai Patel
Investments worth Rs 1 lakh crores expected over 5 years
Gandhinagar, 20 th January, 2019:As part of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019,
focusing on the theme of Shaping New India, the Department of Energy and
Petrochemicals, Government of Gujarat organized a session on “Renewable Energy-
Opportunities in Gujarat and India” at Mahatma Mandir on the 20 th of January 2019 . The
seminar provided a platform to discuss and deliberate on the future of Renewable Energy
and the role it is set to play in -‘Shaping of a New India’. The Hon’ble Minister for Energy
Government of Gujarat, Shri Saurabh Patel chaired the event.
Speaking of Gujarat’s plans with regards to investments in renewable energy, the minister
said, “ The next 5 years are going be the golden years for Renewable Energy (RE) in
Gujarat. The Government is in the eprocess of developing hybrid parks of 30 MW in Kutch
and will export the this energy to other states. Gujarat has already announced to set-up a
unique 5000MW Ultramega Solar Park in Dholera. An expression of Interest has already
been carried out and GUVNL will issue Request for Price Proposal for first 1000 MW
Capacity at Dholera SIR.”
Talking of an integrated policy for small-scale production of solar power, ShriSaurabh
Patel said, “Under this scheme, individuals, farmers and cooperatives can generate and
supply solar power to the government grid. They will also be able sign a separate PPA
with the government for smaller quantum of electricity generated.”
Investments of at least Rs. 1 lakh crores will flow in for the production and distribution of
renewable energy through private sector players such Suzlon, Torrent Power, Adani
Green Energy Ltd. among others.
Mr. Anand Kumar, Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Government of
India made an address on the New Opportunities in Renewable Energy and offered a
national perspective on the issues. He said, “In line with the Paris Climate Agreement,
Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India announced the renewable
energy target of installing 175 GW capacities by 2022. The share of RE in the total energy
production in India, was at 2% in 2010 and it has now increased to 20% in 2018. We
expect that by 2020, it will be around 22% or even more than that.Further, in order to
realize the commitment to cut carbon emissions by 35%, renewable energy sources are
expected to generate at least 40% of power needs by 2030. India has also taken the lead
in forming the International Solar Alliance (ISA) with 121 countries. “
Gujarat Information Department,
Government of Gujarat,
20 January, 2019

ShriRaj Gopal, Additional Chief Secretary, Energy & Petrochemicals Department,
Government of Gujarat said, “India has ranked 2nd in the Renewable Energy
Attractiveness Index 2017 and is set to become the 3rd largest renewable energy
producer in the world by 2022. Gujarat has performed admirably and contributes
approximately 12% to India’s Renewable Energy basket. Already, Gujarat is the 2nd
largest producer of Wind power in India and accounts for 8% of India’s total installed solar
power. The state has immense potential for generation of RE, with an estimated figure of
over 100 GW.”
In Renewable Energy Sector, Gujarat has taken a lead and remained pioneer to set-up
unique projects. Gujarat has set –up first of its kind multi developer, multi stake holder
and multi facility 600 MW Ultra Mega Solar Park in Charanka, a Megawatt Scale Grid
Connected Rooftop Solar Project in Gandhinagar and Vadodara City, unique Canal based
Solar Project. India's First Offshore Wind Energy Project of 1000 MW is also planned to
be carried out in the Gulf of Khambhat, off the coast of Gujarat, for which the prospective
developers have shown tremendous interest” he added.
Apart from Government representatives who elaborated on policy and regulatory issues,
speakers offered the industry’s point of view at the seminar.
Director General for Energy at the European Commission, Mr. MatthieuCraye spoke on
the lesson learnt from the European experience of offshore wind farming. He said, “Off-
shore wind energy has been a success story in the European union since past 10-15
years with lot of employment being generated lot of win and lot of employment has been
generated and lots of renewable greenhouse gas free electricity being generated, we plan
to take this ahead and share the same with our Indian counterparts.” Mr. Achim Berg
Olsen, Director at WPD a European leader in offshore and on-shore wind energy offered
perspectives on costs and tariffs for offshore wind energy in India.
The Shaping of a New India will see a paradigm shift in the way energy and mobility
operates with new and innovative technology and business models.


Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019:

Industry and Government Come Together to Brainstorm on
Sustainable Technology Driven Agriculture for India

Gandhinagar, January 20, 2019: With the objective of boosting agricultural output of Gujarat,
the Department of Agriculture Cooperation and Farmers Welfare organised a seminar titled
‘Sustainable Technology Driven Agriculture for New India’ onJanuary 20, 2019, the final day of
the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019.
The seminar wasbased on the theme “Sustainable Technology Driven Agriculture for New
India”and focused on multiple agendas of global socio-economic development, promoting
bilateral trade and investment, and showcased partnership opportunities offered by the state and
country to the world.
Speaking at the inaugural session, Shri Purshottam Rupala, Union Minister of State, Agriculture,
Farmers’ Welfare and Panchayati Raj, Government of India said, “The Government of India has
been implementing Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Micro Irrigation with the objective to
enhance water use efficiency in the agriculture sector by promoting appropriate technological
interventions like drip & sprinkler irrigation technologies and encourage the farmers to use water
saving and conservation technologies.”
Gujarat has more than 15 lac hectares of land equipped with drip irrigation. Our focus is on
doubling farmers’ income by taking a holistic approach to ensure growth in all the major sectors
of agriculture including animal husbandry, fisheries, honey farms etc. Farmers now have the
freedom to come together to farmer FPCs and FPOs which can enhance their income by several
Sharing details of the initiatives taken by the state government to boost agricultural production in
the state, Shri R C Faldu, Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Fisheries &
Transport, Government of Gujarat said, "The state government is aggressively pushing for the
minimal use of pesticides in farming without hampering production. Gujarat is a self-sufficient
state in terms of energy and electricity production. Irrigation isn’t an area of concern as there is
sufficient water supply for farming. Currently, the state produces 2800 MW of energy through
wind farming and initiatives have been taken to ensure check dams and measures are being
taken to strengthen infrastructure to enhance connectivity to smoothen the transport of agri-
products with ease.”

Gujarat Information Department,
Government of Gujarat,
20 January, 2019

Shri Kunwarjibhai Bavaliya, Hon'ble Minister of Animal Husbandry, Rural Housing and Water
Supply Government of Gujarat briefed about the current scenario of the animal husbandry
department in the state and said, "Gujarat produces as much as 180 lac litres of milk every day.
Around 24.3% of the state's income is being generated by the animal husbandry sector of
Gujarat. Keeping in view its growing contribution, the government has made serious efforts to
address challenges in the sector. As many as 37 ambulances have been deployed for any kind of
cattle emergencies and now an emergency helplines has also been put in place for easy
Shri Jayadrathsinhji Parmar, Hon’ble Minister of State for Agriculture, Government of Gujarat,
said, “The government of Gujarat is dedicated to doubling farmers’ income by 2022 and the
policies introduced by the government are focussed at ensuring well-rounded growth of the
sector by sealing the front- and back-end linkages for the sector.”
Among other dignitaries, Hon’ble Minister of State, Rural Housing, Rural Development, Animal
Husbandry, Cow Breeding, Government of Gujarat Shri Bachubhai Maganbhai Khabad; Hon’ble
Minister of State for Cooperation, Sports, Youth and Cultural Activities (Independent Charge),
Transport (State Minister), Government of Gujarat Shri Ishwarsinh Patel and Secretary,
Department of Agriculture, Farmer Welfare and Cooperation, Government of Gujarat Mr
Mohammad Shahid, IAS were present in the inaugural session.
The session was followed by a technical session and panel discussion on ‘Sustainable
Technology Driven Agriculture for New India’ was moderated by Dr Ashok Dalwai, IAS Chief
Executive Officer, National Rainfed Area Authority and included participation from Shri KS
Randhawa, IFS, Managing Director, Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation; Shri Sanjeev Kumar
Chadha, IFS, Managing Director, National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India
Ltd; Mr RS Sodhi, Managing Director, Amul; Dr NC Patel, Vice-Chancellor, Anand Agricultural
University, Shri Aditya Shah, MD, AMNEX; Shri Amit Mohan Prasad, IAS, Principal Secretary –
Agriculture, Government of Uttar Pradesh; Shri Sunil Chawla, Chief General Manager, NABARD,
Shri Ashok Kumar, IAS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of
India; Mr Anand Krishnan, Deputy Agricultural Counsellor, Embassy of Netherlands in India and
Prof. Shridhar Vishwanath, IRMA.
Leading names from the industry including Mr Piruz Khambatta, Managing Director, Rasna
International; Mr Atul Chaturvedi, Chief Executive Officer, Adani Wilmar and Shri Bharat Patel,
Managing Director, Bharat Biogas Energy Limited


Vibrant Gujarat 2019: More than 16 lakh People have been Employed in the Last 5 Years

Through Employment Exchange Program: Dilip Kumar Thakore
Skilled Manpower is Gujarat’s Most Valuable Resource

Gandhinagar, January 20, 2019: In a bid to undertake a skill gap analysis of the growing
workforce in the country, enhance the quality of the talent pool and showcase the potential
of this workforce to the global business community, the Department of Labour and
Employment organised a seminar on ‘Repositioning Indian Talent pool on a Global
Frontier’ on the concluding day of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019, at Mahatma
Mandir in Gandhinagar.
The seminar witnessed participation from leading executives of companies from various
sectors, professors, research students and office bearers of leading institutions; start-ups and
incubation centres, mentors and professional services firms. The session, which lasted for
over three hours aimed to facilitate discussions around strength of emerging ecosystems and
gaps in promoting excellence across the sectors and identifying ways to integrate our
ecosystem with international ecosystems by addressing the skill gap.
In his address to the audience, Shri Dilip Kumar Thakore, Minister of Labour and
Employment, Govt of Gujarat said, “The state government is primarily focussed on skill
development in order to train the youth in the competitive world. More than 3 lakh people
have been employed through employment exchange programs in 2018 and more than 16
lakh people have been employed in the last five years through the same. There are more
than 120 agreementshave been signed for skill development duringthis Vibrant Gujarat.”
Stressing on the need to change the mindsets of the people, Mr. SanjeevSanyal, Principal
Economic Advisor to Govt of India said,“We need to believe that we are capable of
challenging our limits to achieve the best and we ought to deserve the best. We need
cutting edge technology and world class infrastructure in order to realise the same.
However, we must not forget that this change will occur when the education system is
reformed. Education institutes should not be isolated places for teaching. Universities
should be directly connected to the world of industry and innovation in order to enable the
youth to explore opportunities and enable them to develop a thinking process which will be
based on real time experiences. Once this is served along with cutting edge technology and

Gujarat Information Department,
Government of Gujarat,
20 January, 2019

world class infrastructure, the Indian talent will not venture abroad and stay within the
country to utilise their talent for the development of india.”
Shri. Vipul Mitra, Additional Chief Secretary,  Labour & Employment Department,
GoGemphasised on the need for ensuring job satisfaction to the youth. He said, ‘Gujarat has
a robust ecosystem for investment. However, thebest resources that the state has is that of
manpower. The state has more than one ITI per taulka for skill development and the
employers need to take care of providing jobs that meet the aspirations of the youth. Maruti
Suzuki in Mehsana plans to produce around 7 to 7.5 lakh cars per year in the next 3 years,
the current rate is 2 to 2.5 lakh cars per year.”
The seminar included two sessions titled ‘Showcasing Global Trendsetters’ and ‘Breaking
the Creating and Efficiency Barriers’. The first session focused on factors that have led to
our companies to position themselves as global leaders in sectors such as Pharmaceuticals,
Textiles through innovation and R&D. Shri Narayan Ramaswamy from KPMG moderated
this session, which included panelists such as Mr. P Kunhikrishnan from ISRO, Mr. V
Swaminathan from Kotak Mahindra, Mr. PramodChoudhary, Pratibha; Mr. PratulShroff,
eInfochips and Mr. Sivan Menon, Sangiti.
The second session was moderated by Smt. Mona Khandhar, Secretary& Commissioner
Rural Development and included a panel comprising of Prof. Rajesh Nair, MIT; Mr. Suresh
Goyal, Macquarie; Mr. Ahmed Sokarno, VETEA, Dr. Shailendra Raj Mehta, MICA.
More than 17 MoUs were signed during the seminar in various sectors such as garment and
apparel manufacturing, food processing, automobiles manufacturingand several others.
These agreements are expected to train and generate employment for more than 15000


Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019:

Gujarat to Reclaim its Manchester of India’s Title in the Textile

Sector: CM Rupani

Gandhinagar, January 20, 2019:The concluding day of the 3-day Vibrant Gujarat Global
Summit 2019 witnessed a special session dedicated to the Textile sector and was marked by the
presence of some of the most influential names in the industry.
Speaking at the inaugural session, Chief Minister Shri Vijay Rupani said, “Textile is a necessity
for all, right from the turban-wearing farmers to our urban population. From 1861, when the first
textile mill was established in Ahmedabad to this day, we have kept up with the times and
technology to produce world class textile. Right from farmers to fashion designers, textile is an
inevitable essential and the Government of Gujarat has developed policies to support the sector.
What is worth mentioning is that there is a large population of women working in garment and
apparel manufacturing and this is leading the way in empowering women. Our objective is to
make the sector more conducive and encourage more participation of women. The government
is fully committed to the progress of women and will do everything to make the sector more
profitable for women. Under the new textile policy, women employees will be entitled to a
payment of Rs 4000.
Furthermore, in a bid to provide relief to powerlooms, the government has announced a subsidy
of Rs 3 for weaving and Rs 2 for other processes. ”
Addressing the gathering, Hon’ble Union Minister of Textiles, Government of India, Smt Smriti
Irani said, “The journey of the textile industry of Gujarat is remarkable and inspiring. A journey
that began with spinning on the Charkhahas now established itself as an industry that is
recognised all across the globe. The growth that the textile industry has shown over these years
is due to the policy friendly approach that the government has taken. No hikes have been made
in the new Textile policy to ensure that the growth of the sector is uninterrupted.
In 2014, there were 9 textile parks in the state. PM Modi sanctioned the establishment of 14 more
textile parks, out of which 6 are already operational. This shows the commitment of the
government towards of the growth of the textile sector.”

Gujarat Information Department,
Government of Gujarat,
20 January, 2019

Hon’ble Minister of Textiles, Government of Gujarat, Smt Vibhavariben Dave said she hoped that
Gujarat as a state would establish itself as the textile hub of the country and stressed on the need
for enhancing women participation in the sector.
During this conclave, 5 MoUs were signed by Govt. of Gujarat with Welspun, Chiripal Group,
Jindal Group, Natural Texan and GM Textile Park.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kasper Nossent, Deputy COO, Textile Systme B.V. Netherlands
said, “I am inspired by how everyone here wants to grow the industry, not just textile but all and
that too with sustainability in mind”.
Shri Kulin Lalbhai, Executive Director, Arvind Limited also spoke on the occasion. In his address
he said, “The new textile policy is progressive and will ensure investment.” He said that he is
hopeful that the next textile policy would create more jobs and lead to more employment in the
Other eminent dignitaries present at the Conclave include, Mr Jaxay Shah, Chairman,
ASSOCHAM, Gujarat Chapter and Managing Director, Savvy Group. The inaugural session was
followed by a panel discussion themed ‘ Harnessing the Growth Potential of Domestic and Export
Market of India’s Textile and Apparel Industry & Job Creation and Skilling: The Catalysts of
Growth” which saw participation from Shri Rajesh Mandawewala, Group Managing Director,
Welspun Group; Shri Narain Aggarwal, Chairman, SRTEPC; Shri HKL Maagu, Chairman, AEPC.
The valedictory session comprised addresses from Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitin Patel, which
was followed by addresses from Shri JN Singh, IAS, Chief Secretary, Government of Gujarat,
Shri MK Das, IAS, Principal Secretary (Industries and Mines Department), Government of
Gujarat, Smt Mamta Verma, IAS, Industries Commissioner, Government of Gujarat. Among
others, Shri Uday Kumar Verma, Secretary General, ASSOCHAM and Shri Balkrishna Goenka,
President, Assocham and Group Chairman, Welspun Group were present.


Vibrant Gujarat Global 2019

“Once the land of culture, India has now
become land of opportunities”: Vice- President

“Gujarat is branding and bonding with the world”: Vijay Rupani
Chief Minister invites all to the next Vibrant Summit, “Vibrant Gujarat is not

Gujarat’s alone, but for the World”: Vijay Rupani

Gandhinagar, 20 th January, 2019: Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019 ended on a high as the
Vice President of India, Shri Venkaiah Naidu graced the valedictory function of this biennial
summit. This much lauded summit which was started to reclaim the Gujarat’s throne as an
Investment Destination has now become a global platform where countries from across the globe
not only come together for business ventures but social, environmental and humanitarian issues
are discussed with the same zeal.
Speaking on the occasion, the Vice President said “From textile to Diamonds Gujaratis have
made a mark in almost every commercial enterprise because of their hard work and business
sense. India once called the land of culture has now become the land of opportunities”. He also
released a souvenir of Gujarat’s Investor Paradise, a showcase of successful projects to mark
the 9 th edition of this global summit.
Chief Minister Shri. Vijay Rupani in his address said “Gujarat has not only done the branding but
also bonding with the world. We have proved ourselves and now Gujarat has become a gateway
to the world. Taking the inspiration from Gujarat now, several states have started organizing such
summits. National initiatives such as Make in India, Industry 4.0 and Startup India will help the
country and Gujarat to become a global market.” He further said, “In this summit, we specially
celebrated Africa Day and that has strengthened the relations with African continent. We are
confident that this special relationship will continue to flourish. I have also been informed that in
this summit approximately 28,360 MoUs have been signed.
The Chief Minister made a special note of the opportunity that this event provides to the MSME
sector to access global markets. He also said, “Every successive Vibrant Gujarat Summit has
built stronger economic, diplomatic and cultural relations with countries across the world.” In his
closing remarks he invited all delegates to participate in the next Vibrant Summit and said,

Gujarat Information Department,
Government of Gujarat,
20 January, 2019

“Vibrant Gujarat is not Gujarat’s alone but is made successful through the efforts of everyone
across the globe.”

Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Manohar Lal Khattar was also present on the occasion. In his
address he said “I congratulate the Government of Gujarat on successfully hosting this 9 th edition
of Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. This summit is truly an inspiration for all the other states of
India to create a global platform and position them on the world map.”
Speaking on this occasion Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitin Patel said, “Prime Minister Shri
Narendrabhai Modi had started this event in 2003. Today is the last day of the 9 th edition of this
summit. All the MoUs and knowledge exchanged during these three days will be used to develop
every district of Gujarat. Our goal is to empower each and every individual. In this summit a lot of
discussions have been conducted between MDs and Chairmen of many Indian and global large
and small companies and the benefits will be reaped by the common people of Gujarat. Gujarat
is succeeding in every sector under the Guidance of the Prime Minister and with the support of
Government of India. The seminars conducted in this event and the suggestions that came out
will be considered and Gujarat will continue its journey of developments in the future. “
Closing the session, Secretary, Government of Gujarat, Dr. J.N. Singh gave the vote of thanks.
Also among the attendees were senior officials from the Government of Gujarat.