3 million diabetic patients rise after corona in Gujarat, because of Remdesivir or steroid 

Gandhinagar, 17 May 2021
In Ahmedabad’s Kovid Hospital, 80 to 83 percent of the patients are suffering from obesity, diabetes, cancer, kidney and BP. In which diabetes has been found to have frequent sugar fluctuations in patients with diabetes.

Corona has killed 8511 people. In the state of Gujarat, a total of 5.50 lakh patients have been discharged from the hospital. Thus it is estimated that a total of one million people who are out of government records have been hit by Corona.

The number of new diabetic patients may increase even after coronary heart disease. 36 percent of people over 40 years of age have the disease. 30 lakh people in Gujarat have diabetes. Between 1990 and 2016, the number of patients increased by 89 percent. Doctors now believe that it will increase after 2020 after Corona. Diabetics spend Rs 500 to Rs 1,500 per month on medicines and reports. In Ahmedabad, 150 billion rupees have been spent annually on diabetes, which has increased after corona.

Can damage other organs including eyes, kidneys, heart. So it is a secret enemy of the body. After taking Remedivir supplements, patients are moving towards another disease or diabetes. Remdesivir injection or steroids increase sugar.

The Gujarat government has provided 3 lakh Remedivir injections and private hospitals have also provided such injections.

Dr. Maharishi Desai, Critical Care Specialist of Apollo Hospital, believes that there is a lot of variation in the corona virus. Each patient has a different effect. Everyone’s reaction to each drug is different. The clinical picture may be different in each patient, even if the virus is one of a kind.

80 percent of Corona patients do not require any treatment. Take paracetamol regularly, drink plenty of water and maintain oxygen levels as much as necessary. Only 20% of people require hospitalization, of which only 5% who are co-morbid require ICU.

36 percent of people over 40 years of age have the disease. Therefore, Gujarat is the capital of diabetes. It used to cost Rs 3,600 crore annually which can now reach Rs 4,000 crore after Corona.

A plant called Katupila or Thumri or Shinvi, which grows in the forest of Gir in Gujarat, is considered to be the best for this disease.

Diabetes affects the feet of 4 lakh people in Gujarat, so they have to undergo surgery. Who can survive