After the earthquake, Kutch has overtaken all districts of Gujarat in the production of fruits

Gandhinagar, 21 October 2020

The desert of Kutch will no longer be called a desert region. Farmers have built green gardens there. The cultivation of fruit trees in Kutch has surprised everyone after the earthquake 20 years ago. Kutch has the largest number of gardens in Gujarat.

Kutch is the only region in Gujarat that produces the most fruits. Thus, Kutch is no longer a desert region. It has become an area full of natural greenery. In 2020, it has become the most fruit growing region in Gujarat. This farmer’s achievement is the biggest surprise for agricultural and environmental experts.

11 districts of Saurashtra equals

According to the data released by the Gujarat government for 2019-20, 56761 hectares of fruits have been grown in Kutch, which is more than any district in the state. Plantation has increased this year and is expected to produce 1 million tons. In both these cases, Kutch is ahead of the rest.

The farmers of Kutch have achieved a major achievement. The biggest thing is that Kutch produces more fruit than 11 districts in entire Saurashtra. Kutch takes 10 lakh tons of fruit and Saurashtra also produces 10 lakh tons. In Saurashtra, one million quintal fruits grow on 90 thousand hectares. Thus the farmers of Kutch have defeated the entire Saurashtra.

Two regions of fruit lagged behind

Usually, Bharuch and Anand Jilla were the major fruit producers in Gujarat due to banana. But now the farmers of these two districts are left behind. In Bharuch, 9.95 lakh quintal of fruits have been grown on 18450 hectares. While Anand has yielded 9.73 lakh tons on 22889 hectares. Thus Kutch has overtaken these two districts.

State 10 percent production in Kutch

In Gujarat, 33 lakh districts yield 93 lakh tons of fruit in 4.46 lakh hectares. Most of which are grown in South Gujarat. Where the weather is opposite to Kutch. 36.56 lakh tons of fruit are grown on 1.60 lakh hectares.

Central Gujarat produces 26.60 lakh tons on 82212 hectares. In North Gujarat, 9.45 lakh quintal fruits are grown on 57339 hectares. In Saurashtra, one million quintal fruits grow on 90 thousand hectares. Kutch produces one million quintal rash, which is 10 percent in 33 districts of the state