VIDEO – bicycles running on railway tracks, Gujarat has 3 lakh such unique inventions

A unique invention made by an Indian, a bicycle that can run on railway tracks, was shared on Twitter by Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group. The DIY bicycle was invented by a railway civil engineer named Pankaj Soin. Pankaj Soi designed this lightweight bicycle with the aim of reducing the tedious work of the trackmen in maintaining the railway tracks. Weighing only 20 kg, this bicycle can be lifted manually and placed on the track so that it can be easily ridden and reached the place of repair.

This bicycle can run at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour and can be carried by two people. It has cost Rs 5,000 to make such a bicycle. It also includes the cost of the old bicycle on which the model is designed.

In Gujarat, Srishti Sanstha works to help people by collecting such new ideas. The National Innovation Foundation NIF has created a unique database of more than 315,000 technological ideas, innovations and traditional knowledge methods from more than 608 districts of the country. NIF has so far accredited 992 Grassroots Innovators and School students. Together with various research and development and educational institutions, agricultural and veterinary universities and other institutions, NIFA has helped validate and add value to many inventions technologies. But Anand Mahindra never tweeted about it.

Sharing a video, Anand Mahindra wrote, “India can see such an explosion in such a small but useful productivity.” This cycle helps railway trackmen oversee repair work and use fewer people to pull heavy trains.

Mahindra said the new invention is ‘simple, clear’. He wrote on Twitter, “The new invention born in the country has all the features that can make work and life much easier and more efficient.”

Iron pipes and old wheels of the train are used to support the side of the bicycle. The front wheel extension helps the bicycle to walk straight on the railway track, while the rear wheel helps maintain its balance.