Two virgin lands in Gujarat, Karna’s cremation and Krishna’s wedding

There are two virgin lands in Gujarat, Karna’s cremation and Krishna’s wedding

Virgin Land Madhupur Ghed

Madhavpur Ghed is a culturally important village in the coastal district, 60 km from Porbandar. 58 kms from Somnath Madhavpur is in the north-west. Which is considered as Dwarka.

Lord Krishna married Rukshmani, the daughter of King Bhishmak. The Madhavarai temple here was built in the 15th century. After which it was named Madhavpur.

The fair of Madhavpur in Gujarat is associated with the Mishmi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. Rukshmani celebrates his journey with Lord Krishna from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat. Every year a fair is held on Ram Navami. Krishna-Rukmani-Vivah has been celebrated at this place for a long time in the month of Chaitra.

Even today the idol of Lord Krishna is taken out in a procession on a chariot. The ancient Dwarka Madhavpur is also claimed to be one. Remains of a thousand years ago are found at many places in the Ghede area. The Sun Temple is a short distance away on the banks of the Madhuvanti River.

There is a 14th century mythological Bhagna temple of Madhavaraiji in Madhavpur. is sculpture. During the excavation, a significant lower part of Mandovar was found to be buried. The new temple was built around the seventeenth century. Silt does not have the power to cut. Hence sediment accumulates near the mouth. Such a part of the river is called Ghed.

Virgin land of surat

On the banks of Tapi river in Phulpada village is the abode of five Pandavas. Where there was a fear of losing land due to the construction of an embankment. The Mahabharata mentions that Karna was cremated on the virgin land of a three-leaf banyan tree near Ovara. Sacrifice to Karna by the Pandavas. On the banks of the Tapi river in the Ashwini-Kumar area of Surat, there is a three-leafed tree dating back to 5000 years ago i.e. around the Drapar era. When the fourth card comes, it immediately falls. Tapi river is the daughter of Surya. Karna was the son of Surya. His last wish was that the cremation should also take place at a virgin place. The last rites were performed on as much virgin land as possible.

Three banyan leaves of one and a half feet are considered to be the symbol of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, which is not possible from the scientific point of view. It was also taught in government schools. Many historians have come here. Ashwini and Kumar are both Karna’s brothers and Tapi is Karna’s sister. Ashwini and Kumar did penance on the land. Karna was a donor, today big donors are born in Surat. BJP leaders are looting the land of Gujarat, the land of farmers in the same way as Shivaji looted Surat.