Voters of Gujarat’s Visavadar do not allow defection 

Gandhinagar, 8 February 2024
In Visavadar assembly constituency of Junagadh district of Gujarat, former MLA Bhupendra Bhayani, who left Aam Aadmi Party and joined BJP again, is facing opposition in BJP. Factionalism has arisen in BJP regarding giving him ticket again. There is internal opposition in BJP of Junagadh district. Visavadar never wins from any party. This area is not anyone’s stronghold.

Now that Bhayani has defected and has come to seek votes again, what will be the mood of the voters and who will get the result of the division of votes in the triangular fight, this fight will be interesting for the entire state.

When Bhayani was earlier in BJP and was the Sarpanch in Junagadh district, the BJP leaders themselves had opposed him. After not getting the ticket, he contested the elections from Aam Aadmi Party. Is. Will win in 2022. Now he has defected and is preparing to become a minister in Bhupendra Patel’s government.

Late Keshubhai Patel was a staunch opponent of Narendra Modi and a BJP leader. He won here from BJP in 1995 and 1998 and in 2012 he won this seat from Gujarat Puritan Party to bring change against BJP government.
Is. In 2014, his son Bharat Patel was defeated by the people of Visavadar and Harshad Ribadia of Congress was elected. Ribadia was re-elected in 2017 but then switched parties to join the BJP last year. He also had to taste defeat in this area in the 2022 elections.
Ribadia also lost in 2022. Keshubhai Patel won here 3 times. By defeating the new one, the people here teach a lesson to the big chief. Once Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party and Janata Dal won.

Today’s political environment is based on fear and intimidation. The leaders have set out with money and swords of law to prove their point. Today, there is a phase of defection going on in Gujarat politics. In this environment of political defection, we forget the common man. Defection happens only because of personal interest. There are only three reasons for this – position, money and ambition. He joins the ruling party to wash his corruption in the washing machine.
Whichever party we vote for, it goes to the second or third party. Demanded re-poll.
Public interest may be linked to a particular party or a particular alliance.
Where is the voters’ interest in this? Where do people find respite from everyday struggles and troubles? The politicians find the voters’ generosity helpless. People’s life is full of difficulties.
They are breaking the wheels of the chariot of democracy.
But they don’t care. And within a few days they realize that they have literally become synonymous with whiteness. No stain remains.
Jai Prakash Narayan, Morarji Desai, Madhu Limaye, Bhaikaka are remembered today. Voters have been sleeping for years. when will you wake up.