Double electricity consumption in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, 7 Febuary 2024

The per capita electricity consumption of the state was 953 units in the year 2003, which increased to 1800 units in the year 2013 due to improvement in the living standards of the people due to agriculture, industry and urbanization. 2402 units in 2023. The per capita electricity consumption of the entire country is 1255 units. This is double the consumption of Gujarat.

Power Minister Kanu Desai said the state’s electricity demand has tripled in the last 20 years. Electricity consumption has increased a lot. The maximum electricity demand of the state was 7743 MW in the year 2002, which has increased to 24 thousand 544 MW in the year 2023.

Shows the progress of the entire state. Electricity connections are approved to farmers in about 6 months of application.
Electricity is available 24 hours in the villages.

The demand has increased from 17 thousand 97 MW in 2017 to 24 thousand 544 MW in 2013. Which was an increase of 43.5%.

Electricity consumption is expected to increase from 86591 million units in 2017 to 123032 million units in 2023. Which shows an increase of 41.28%.

Purchase of power from Power Exchange, Power Purchase Agreement for short term 500 MW from Oct to Dec-21. A medium term power purchase agreement worth Rs 1,000 was signed between October 21 and July 23.

october. Energy duty in 2022 will be Rs. 8.54/unit when 323 million units of electricity were purchased.
october. Energy duty in 2023 will be Rs. 1494 million units of electricity has been purchased whereas it was 3.98 units.
When the price of imported coal is high, the energy tariff rate is high.

Solar energy has increased 4 times from 2017 to 2023. Installed capacity to increase from 2048 MUs in 2017 to 2023 – 8077 MUs.

Gujarat ranks second in the country in installed capacity of non-conventional energy at 22 MW (by December 2023).

The installed capacity of wind energy is 11 thousand 224 MW. In 2023, Gujarat was at first position in the country.

The installed capacity of solar energy is 10 thousand 549 MW. Gujarat was at second position in the country with 2023.

The share of renewable energy in the total installed power generation capacity of the state is 47 percent with 21 thousand 977 MW.

Gujarat is number one in solar rooftop with 30% of the total installed capacity across the country.

82% of the residential roofing installation sector is worth Rs 5 lakh. Its capacity is 2025 MW. Electricity bill to consumers Rs. Rs 2 thousand crores have been saved.

Selling electricity in excess of self-consumption for Rs 100. Earning of 228 crores.

This year, PPAs have been made to purchase 9500 MW of renewable power. Tenders for 2500 MW have been announced. Electricity will also be available in a year or two.