This monsoon of El Niño will not spoil in Gujarat, 103% chance of rain

Gandhinagar, 16 April 2021
The weather forecast has been released. Which is being reviewed by the Agriculture Department of Gujarat. There will be a very important meeting on this and it will be reviewed what will rain with the weather.

El Niño is unlikely to emerge this year, spoiling the monsoon. Therefore, the Gujarat Agricultural University will conduct a review and give instructions to prepare the seeds accordingly.

La Nina’s position in the Pacific Ocean is similar to that from last year. The indications so far suggest that ENSO will remain in neutral condition for the entire monsoon season. This is news that can bring relief to the farmers of Saurashtra, North Gujarat, Kutch. Where El Niño has had the most fatal effects.

According to Skymet’s monsoon forecast for the southwest monsoon, the average rainfall for the four months of June – July – August – September is expected to be 103% in 2021 compared to 880 mm. There are signs of widespread rainfall across the country in the late months of June and September, the early months of the monsoon.

The plains of North India and parts of Northeast India are expected to receive less rainfall throughout the season.

Interior Karnataka is also expected to receive less rainfall in July-August.

By mid-monsoon, sea surface temperatures will begin to fall again in the central parts of the Pacific Ocean. However, the process of cooling the sea surface will be very slow.