What is the government doing? two people in the car, filling all the seats in the plane

The central government has decided to start the service from May 25 with the train with certain conditions. The process of booking airline tickets has also been started. But in the meantime, people are calling the decision of Narendra Modi’s government disturbing or strange.

Only two people are allowed to sit in the car to follow the social distance. Only one person is allowed to sit on two-wheelers. The railways can only carry 1200 people. Public buses carry 40 percent of the passengers.

But in the case of flight bookings, the aviation minister said the middle seat of the flight would also be booked. In such a situation, this decision of the government seems strange to the people.

The decision has also been questioned by Congress. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said it was not dangerous to carry passengers by filling all the seats in the plane.

Randeep Surjewala has targeted the government by tweeting. He wrote, If there is life there is world. What happened What about the rules and regulations made by the government regarding social distance? Won’t these rules be followed? Is it safe or dangerous to fill all the seats in the flight? The Minister of Aviation should make a clear statement in this regard.