Self-reliant, China or Quit India movement is a misleading movement

To protect her brother, the sister could not buy Chinese ashes this year, killing China with a thousand crores. According to an estimate, there is a turnover of about 50 crore ash in the country every year, which is worth about 6,000 crores. The grant has been coming from China for many years. This year, 1 or 2 thousand crores of ash from China has not been used. Fearing Corona, people did not go to the market to buy ashes. Like ancient times, the rope of the house is tied with ashes.

China leave India
Rakhi remained safe because the goods could not come from outside. Now China is going to leave India. But A is not possible. Quit India movement will be launched from 9 August 2020 to boycott Chinese goods. At more than 800 locations across the country, trade unions would gather in one of the city’s prime locations and China would raise slogans to leave India. But China has occupied the land of India, nothing is happening in it.

51.25 arab dollars of business
According to the Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIIO), India’s trade with China decreased by 6.05 arab dollars in 2019. It is now limited to 51.25 arab dollars. India’s trade deficit with Singapore was 5.82 arab dollars in the last financial year. Significant growth in major imports from Hong Kong includes electrical and electronic products. It increased to 1.3 arab dollars in 2017 and 8.8 arab dollars in 2019.

65 arab dollars exported to India
India imports 65 arab dollar from China while India’s exports from China are 16 arab. Thus the trade deficit can be called 49 arab. If we do not take Chinese phones, TVs, gadgets, then Indians have no choice. The Modi government’s investment in China from 2015 to 2019 has made 88 start-ups possible. 18 of the top 30 startups have Chinese investment. China’s influence on India’s industries is worth seeing.

27 percent of China’s share in automobiles
About 27 percent of automobile accessories are imported from China. India then imports 14 percent from Germany, 10 percent from South Korea, 9 percent from Japan, 7 percent from the US and 5 percent from Singapore. MG Motors of China, BYD Motors, Colite YAP Automobile Company have launched their electric cars and hybrid cars, buses.

Chinese investment in India
Alibaba-Ant Financier: India’s $ 2.7 cr investment in Paytm, Snapdeal, Jomato, Big Basket
Tencent: Policy Bazaar, Ola, Udaan, Flipkart, Biju, Dream XI, Hyde, Swiggy (Total investment $ 2 cr)
Shunwell Capital: Zomato, Misho (total investment $ 150 cr)
Hillhouse: Swiggy, Flight, Cred (total 160 cr investment)
TR Capital: Flipkart, Lenskart, Urban Ladder, Big Basket (total investment $ 110 cr)

70% of the goods in pharmacy are from China
The raw material for pharmaceutical manufacturing (pharmaceutical industry) is 60 to 70 percent from China. China’s raw material is 20 to 30 percent cheaper than India. Pharmacy company Ajanta imports 100% of pharmaceutical ingredients (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients-API) from China. Alchem ​​imports 70 per cent, Aurobindo 50 per cent, Cadila Healthcare 45 per cent, Cipla Cancer and Respiratory Diseases API DRDO 45 per cent, Strides 45 per cent, Sun 45 per cent and TRP 70 per cent API from China.

China has 76 percent share in mobile phone market
Xiaomi (China) 31%
Vivo (China) 21%
Oppo (China) 11%
Realm (China) 13%
Samsung (South Korea) 16%
Another 8%
Indian tv 49% market share of China
Xiaomi (China) 33%
TCS (China) 9%
Vue (China) 7%
LG (South Korea) 13%
Samsung (South Korea) 14%
Sony (Japan) 10%
Another 14%

China’s boycott slogan is a hoax
Retailers sell goods worth 17 billion. These mostly include toys, household items, mobiles, electric, electronic guides and cosmetic items. The Federation of All India Chambers of Commerce is also in favor of boycott of Chinese goods.
India is estimated to lose Rs 40-50 lakh crore in one quarter of GDP due to the lockdown. If China companies are allowed to leave India, then it is not possible for India. China company will not leave India. Nothing is going to happen by binding some mobile apps. A is the cowardice of BJP, RSS and Modi.

India cannot be self-sufficient. It should be imported from China. India is not self-sufficient. The trader is greedy and is looking for the 10 percent cheap goods that China offers. If we close the door to China, the same goods will come from Banga country or elsewhere. Originally, it would be the cheapest item in China. Therefore, self-reliant, China or Quit India movement is a misleading movement. In fact, the movement should be that China seizes India’s land.