Who generates 500 MW of solar energy on the roof of a house?

Supply, installation, commissioning of solar rooftop system for power consumption is taking place in Gujarat very fast. Under this scheme, all the agencies have registered online on installing 490 MW solar system out of the target of 500 MW from November 2019 to March 2020 ie only 4 months. Under this target, one company has registered 652 kW system online by March 2020 against another 570 kW target.

At present, about 82% of the total plan and 114% of the company has been operated under the scheme. Gujarat is the first to establish a solar rooftop plant across the country. Gujarat has set up 50,915 home-use solar rooftop systems as of March 2, 2020 and installed 177.67 MW watts solar rooftop plants.

Gujarat will announce 8 million residential homes by 2022 by announcing the Solar Roof Top Plan. The government provides 40 percent subsidy up to 3 kilowatt and 20 percent subsidy up to 3 kilowatt and 10 kilowatt watts. In the Budget for 2020-2021, the state government has provided Rs 912 crore.

The surplus electricity generated by such a solar rooftop system and the post-domestic consumption consumption it buys at a cost of 2.25 per unit by the electricity distribution company. Over 1.18 lakh applications for Solar Roof Top have been registered on the online portal under Gujarat scheme.