Why, India not reddy to fight Corona virus?

New Delhi: More than one lakh people have been infected with the deadly coronavirus in India so far, with 3,000 people losing their lives. But the good thing is that India’s record in controlling the immune system and the virus of the Indian people is better in the world.

On May 18, 2020, the highest number of 5242 new corona infected patients came out in the country. May 5 saw the highest number of deaths in a single day. The highest number of 94,671 tests was conducted on May 13 in a single day.

India’s facility against Corona
Number of hospitals – 740
Separate bed – 6.56 lakh
Beds for infected patients – 3.05 lakh
Beds for suspected patients – 3.51 lakh
Oxygen Bed – 99492
ICU Bed – 34076

India’s position in the world is better
Due to the Corona virus, the people of India are in a better position than the rest of the world due to their strong psyche and excellent immunity.

83% of the total patients in the country are in only 6 states. The remaining 27 states and union territories have only 17% cases. While 4 states are free of infection.

India is not behind in clinical management.