24 fire-fighter who becme corona fighter came corona positive in surat

Since the first day of Corona in the city, the fire department has recovered 5.27 lakh positive case property, surrounding road areas, various health centers, Samaras Center, various government hospitals, covid sample collection centers, vegetable markets, various government buildings, textile markets etc. Property, areas have been sanitized. In addition to the sanitizing operation, the fire department has not reduced its original operations.

Out of the total fire department staff, 24 officers / staff have so far tested positive for round-the-clock covid patients, public property, sanitization of properties associated with covid patients and now funeral operations after the death of covid patients. Among them, Dindoli fire station sub-fire officer Sanjay Sonwane died due to corona. Head of the Fire Department Day. Kami NV Upadhyay was coronated, who has recovered and returned to work. The families of four fire department employees who tested positive have been given mandatory home quarantine.

The rate of transition among Manpa employees has risen alarmingly. In general, no one notices the fire department’s performance regarding Corona’s operations. But at present the management at Civil and Schmeier Hospitals is also handled by the Fire Department. The hired ambulance is also operated by the fire department. Today, Surat city BJP president Nitin Bhajiyawala and his wife Koro’s report came positive. Apart from this, reports of many including employees of clothing shop, textile marrines, clerks of collector’s office, employees of irrigation department, teachers, rickshaw drivers have come positive.