Karthik Patel has filed a lawsuit against Kinjal Dave in Ahmedabad city civil court over the copyright of the song

Starting on Sunday, Gujarati singer and Kinjal Dave, who has recently joined the BJP, is once again stuck in a copilot case. Kinzal Dave has been in controversy over the four-wheeled carriage song. Australian singer-songwriter Karthik Patel has filed a lawsuit against Kinjal Dave in Ahmedabad city civil court over the copyright of the song. The court has given notice after the preliminary hearing. Details are that the Australian Gujarati singer Karthik Patel has again filed a suit in the city civil court for copyright in the song. Now in the coming days, Kingel Dave will have to re-open the matter in court.

The case was earlier filed in a commercial court. At this time, the court had ordered the court to file a case in the appropriate court. The advance commercial court ruled that Kinzal had earlier banned Kinjal from singing the song after Stoostralia’s singing artist argued. And under the court’s order, Kinzel stopped singing the song in public events, and all content on these songs, which was uploaded to YouTube, was removed. As Kingel had then said, the song was uploaded by the studio’s YouTube channel. However, after Kinjal’s plea in early 2019, the Gujarat High Court lifted the ban on singing the song in relief.

He has said that he has written and sung this song. Of which Kingel Dave has copied. The applicant’s company has submitted under the Copyright Act that the video he made was uploaded to YouTube in the year 2016. A month after that, Kinjal Dave made the changes to the song. The controversy was also held in January. A young man known as Kathiawadi King of Australia has been banned by a commercial court claiming copyright on a four-bangle song and ordered Kinjal Dave not to sing it in any commercial program and removed it from the Internet. The court ordered that the song be no longer sold to anyone. The trial will be held today. The original Gujarati is also hearing against Kinjal Dave’s famous song ‘Char bangled gadi’ on a petition filed by Karthik Patel, a native of Australia. The case will be heard in the Commercial Court of Ahmedabad. Kartik Patel claims Karthik Patel, known as Kathiawadi King, claims that he has written this song.

But Kingel Dave has sung in his own name, making two or four changes to the song. In connection with the petition, the court has already ordered that the song be removed from the social media platform, including YouTube, and not to be performed in a public event. Kingel Dave may be in trouble in this case for copyright infringement. Because since the song came out in 2016, Kingel Dave has received stardom.

Applicant Karthik Patel said in a statement that the fight was not for economic compensation but for identification. Kartik Patel, who applied for copyright against Karnikal Dave, a native of Kartik Jamnagar, is originally from Jamnagar district. He graduated from Shah Commerce College, Jamnagar. Prior to moving to Australia, he worked in an IT company in Gujarat. In 2000, Karthik Patel moved to Australia for further study. Initially, he drove a taxi to Australia to cover his expenses.

It was during this period that he attracted a lot of interest in music. In 2016, Karthik wrote the lyric vocalist Patel with four bracelets, then uploaded it to YouTube in 2016. The song was shot in Melbourne, Australia. But shortly after this song was uploaded, Kingel Dave sang the same song in a different style and uploaded it to YouTube. YouTube’s digital team suggested that a court order in a country where copyright infringement be infringed. Subsequently, Karthik Patel filed a copyright infringement case against Kinjal Dave in a local court in Ahmedabad. Kinjal Dave, who claims to be a Rabari songwriter, claims that the song was written by Manu Rabari. Of particular importance is that the four-bangled carriage has been copied in Marwari and other languages. Kartik Patel wants to challenge others legally in the coming days.