1 lakh laborers have gone to work, there are still 39 lakh unemployed

As of January 2020, there are 7.32 lakh small, medium and medium enterprises registered. There are 26 thousand factories in which 18 million people work. Thus, 40 lakh workers have gone to Gujarat in the guise of unemployment. Larger units are allowed but smaller units are not allowed. There are 7 lakh units where 2 million people are estimated to be working. On the first day of resumption of industry from 20th April 2020, 6 thousand industries have been started in which 45 thousand workers have started work. The 21st has just begun. Thus, 1 lakh people are working. But still 39 lakh people are wandering without employment.

Industry units have been restarted in various districts including Ahmedabad 1000 Rajkot 350 Vadodara 600, Surat 250, Bharuch 450, Valsad 600, Morbi 400, Gandhinagar 400, Kutch 750 and approximately 850 units in the rest of the districts.

The units include chemicals, ceramic tiles, cement and small scale industries. Alang Shipbreaking Yard of Bhavnagar will be reopened. 15 thousand units will be started in two days. The District has constituted a six-member committee to preside over the Collector to operate the industrial units. Jetro-Japan has thanked the External Trade Organization for allowing the industry to resume. In the event of the current lockdown, the control room has been opened at the Commissioner of Industries, Gandhinagar, for the purpose of coordinating the industries so that they can easily produce and if there is any problem.