Jamjodhpur BJP leaders’ crores of scam, fraud with the Gujarat government


Gandhinagar, 1 January 2020

Millions of rupees of minerals have been illegally extracted on government land in Amrapar village of Jamjodhpur in Jamnagar district of Gujarat. Complaint has been made with Jamnagar Collector and District Police Chief. Which has been demanded to be investigated. The minerals have been obtained by creating false maps from state-owned land, which approves mine leases on that basis. The total value of those minerals goes up to Rs 120 crore.

Land records changed. The lands, which are not mines, have been replaced by those showing no land. Land records have been moved up. Wrong maps have been created in government records. False records have been created. The government itself is using false records.

The Mines and Minerals Department of the state has declared an area full of limestone minerals in Amarpur village in Jamjodhpur taluka of the district. Along with this, goons of BJP have stolen minerals on government land. These details are recorded in the government office. However, no action has been taken by the top two officials of the district and neither of them is ready to speak on the issue.

Land in mountain valley

Revenue Survey No. 465 is a large wasteland in a mountain valley, a short distance from Amrapar village. In the Rupani government, BJP leaders are doing a big scam of stealing minerals by showing land maps elsewhere. The land is inscribed on paper. Minerals have been excavated by showing maps of the rich area filled with minerals.

BJP leader joining

Jeevabhai Nathbhai Khunty of Amrapar has filed a written complaint stating that the former BJP president of Jamjodhpur Taluka Panchayat, his associates and employees were involved in the scam.

Land in Salim’s name in revenue account

The land was named after Salim Abdullah Khan, Revenue Department No. 381, with 87 of the old Re-Serve number 465 of Amarpur. Salim Abdullah etc. presented a land map of 87 out of 465 lands in the Department of Mines and Minerals. The land is close to Khageshri village and close to Parvada. A total of 22 bighas have extracted minerals on the land.

Revenue offense

There is a pre-planned conspiracy of BJP leaders. Has committed crime by stealing minerals on a large scale. Indian Penal Code Sections 465, 467, 468, 474, 120B, 114 etc. are mentioned. In which the new land mafia law made by the Rupani government applies here.

One year passed but no action taken

On 1 January 2020, it has been exactly one year since the complaint was filed. However, no action has been taken by the Collector or the District Police Chief or the Mining Department. In this regard, Jamnagar Collector and District Magistrate Ravi Shankar and Jamnagar Superintendent of Police Deepan Bhadran were asked by e-mail on 24 December 2020 by allgujaratnews.in to disclose the details of the investigation. There was also a public tweet. So what are the facts that the government has hidden in this incident. Did not get an answer.

What MLAs say

Jamrajodhpur MLA Chiragbhai Kalaria said that the government has lost crores of rupees by these individuals. It should be reimbursed. The scammers are BJP leaders from Jamjodhpur. The locals have been complaining about this land for 4 years. Still there is no investigation. The government should recover the loss of crores of rupees immediately.(translated from Gujarati)