Abhay Bhardwaj revolted against BJP, Narhari Amin fought for 25 years against BJP

Dilip Patel
Gandhinagar, 14 March 2020

The political end of the BJP’s three Rajya Sabha candidates reaches Congress and other parties. Ramilaban Bara of the Congress clan has been selected. Narhari Amin is a member of the Congress and formerly of the Chin Patel Janata Dal. While BJP’s Abhay Bhardwaj has contested against Vajubhai Wala.

Thus all three candidates of BJP are contesting by tasting the other parties or by having a clan of other parties. Ramila Bara’s father has held good positions in Congress. He was an officer in the government. His father was in Congress at that time. Thus, their clan belongs to the Congress.

Narhari Amin was the original agitating leader. Chimanbhai came forward as a student leader in protest against Patel’s government. After that he sat down with Chaminbhai Patel and joined politics. He had been in the Janata Dal for the first time and then Congress along with Chimnabhai for 20 years. He had joined the BJP without getting a ticket in the Congress. Anandiben Patel had taken him to BJP.

Abhay Bhardwaj contested BJP’s Legislative Assembly election in Rajkot on the mark of Independent candidate Tana. Vajpayee, who had been BJP’s party president, contested in 1995. He was in the BJP at that time but in the BJP rebellion he fought against the BJP. He joined Shankar Singh’s party to overthrow Keshubhai’s government. Now they will fight for the BJP.

His maternal uncle and his favorite unionist, Chuman Shukla, was very angry with Bhardwaj. Thus, the politics of the three BJP candidates have been controversial.

In front of him, both Congress candidates are already in Congress. They have Congress in blood. Party reverses or loyalties have not been replaced by Congress Shakti Singh Gohil or Bharat Solanki. This is not seen in these three BJP leaders.