Insidious China abruptly replaced commanders before negotiations and hired these new military officers

China is guarding its 3,488-kilometer de facto Line of Action (LAC) with its PLA’s Western Theater Command India before the Ladakh border dispute talks begin. The PLA’s Western Theater Command consists of the Army, Air Force and Rocket Force. China has replaced the head of the Western Theater Command attached to India ahead of the lieutenant general level talks to reduce tensions in Ladakh.

The People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Western Theater Command has announced on its official website that Lieutenant General Shu Chilling has been appointed as the new commander of its border forces. He has previously served on Eastern Theater Command.
The new commander’s name is Shu Chilling. However, nothing has been said officially about why China took this step. The three-star general will join during an individual meeting at the Indo-China border.

A new round of speculation has begun with China’s new move. The PLA’s Western Theater Command consists of the Army, Air Force and Rocket Force. This was preceded by the presidency of General Zhao Jongki. In such a situation, the change of commander just before the meeting is giving many signals.

Corona has dealt a major blow to China’s desire to become a world power. In such a scenario, fear of a weak economy and rising unemployment, China has tried to mislead its people due to tensions on the Indian border. In the present age, war does not seem far off. In such a scenario, China may have to pay a large chunk if it does not have to tighten its belt somewhere.

Lieutenant General Harinder Singh is leading the charge

Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, Commander of the 14th Corps of the Indian Army, Leh, is leading India in this meeting. He is considered an expert in counter-insurgency. He is the commander of the 14th Corps in Leh, also known as the Fire and Fury Corps.

Lieutenant General Singh’s unit operates on the most dangerous terrain, weather and altitude. In October last year, before the corps commanded 14 corps. Lieutenant General Harinder Singh has held many important positions. He has been the Director General of Military Intelligence, Military Operations, Operational Logistics and Strategic Movement.

India wants Chinese troops to withdraw from Indian territory. Chinese troops on advanced posts on the LAC should be sent back. Let the work of building India’s infrastructure continue in Galvan. India also wants assurances that there will be no more violent clashes on the border. Several soldiers from both sides were injured in the clashes last month.