150 political murders in Gujarat, attack on Modi in Punjab

150 political murders in Gujarat, attack on Modi in Punjab

Dilip Patel

January 2022

The BJP has linked the 20-minute blockade of the Prime Minister’s convoy in Punjab with the conspiracy to assassinate Modi. Earlier, two Prime Ministers and Mahatma Gandhi had been assassinated. The three killers were like terrorist organizations. Once again the Prime Minister’s government is calling it a murder plot.

The Punjab government has been accused of killing the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is from Gujarat. Narendra Modi has been assassinated in Gujarat in his 30 years of political career from 1985 to 2014. Here are the names of 60 important political figures from Modi’s political life till date. But some advocates say that a total of more than 150 people, elected and politically inclined, have been killed in Gujarat.

22 people who shook the politics of Gujarat have been murdered.

attack on modi

Modi was never attacked in Gujarat

The list includes the names of 60 political leaders.

More than 150 murders have taken place since the inception of Gujarat.

Political killings increased in Saurashtra

More political killings in Porbandar, Junagadh, Gondali


assassination of gujrati gandhi

5 political murders in Ahmedabad due to various reasons

Mahatma Gandhi was also of Porbandari

Mahatma was murdered by saffron British

Gujarat lost good political leaders in murder

The conspiracy to kill Sardar Patel belonged to the Sangh.


detonate the bombs

Murder of Veja mountain of Manavdar Municipality

Seven members of the same Veja family killed

Bomb blast to destroy Veja family

A Jana Sangh leader was also killed in Manavdri

BJP leader Sheela Soni murdered in Mandal


15 big murders

Millions of parrots killed by flag waving

Haren Pandya’s carpin was killed

Rauf Waliullah – Assassination of Ehsan Jafri

Murder of Jayanti Bhanushali and Vallabhbhai Patel

7 members of Jana Sangh and Hiren Patel of Jalod


BJP leader and his wife murdered in Mahisagarh

in 2021

Senior BJP member Tribhuvandas Panchal and his wife Jashoda were murdered in Golana Palla village of Lunawada taluka of Mahisagar. Kesar was associated with the party since the days of Jana Sangh.

Congress leader and son murdered in Morbi city

On 17 September 2021, a Congress leader and his son were murdered in Morbi town over an old political dispute. In the last term, Morbi Municipal Vice-Chairman Farooq Motlani and his son Imtiaz were murdered at his doorstep. A few years back, there was a fight during the Panchayat elections.

Congress leader Hardik Patel had made a serious allegation that Pankaj Patel of Halwad in Surendranagar district had died in an accident. It has become very difficult for the BJP to win the Halwad seat in the next elections. On the same day when Modi had a road show in Surat, Pankaj Patel gathered 50 thousand Patidars in Halwad and established his dominance.

Gandhinagar District Congress General Secretary Ranveer Singh Bihola was assassinated. The family members refused to accept the dead body and blocked the Dahegam-Ahmedabad highway. The men of Kirit Singh, the sarpanch of Kadodora village, attacked him in a rut. Dahegam taluka Congress president Lalsinh Rathore had registered a case of murder against seven people. Sarpanch Kirit Singh had joined BJP three years ago in the presence of Minister of State for Home Pradeepsinh Jadeja and BJP state president Jitu Vaghan before the last assembly elections. Since then, her relations with former Congress MLA Kaminiba and her husband Lalsinh Rathore have soured.

in 2020

BJP councilor and former Jhalod vice-president Hiren Patel was murdered in 2020 for political reasons. Hiren gave Rs 4 lakh to kill Patel. Hiren Patel, who was out for a morning walk, was hit by a vehicle on the road. It was revealed that on the behest of Amit Katara, the accused Imra had given a betel nut for the murder. Amit Katara is the son of Congress MLA Bhavesh Katara and former MP Babu Katara. Then 15 councilors of the municipality demanded security.

Gujarat has lost good political leaders

There were two murders who had the power to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat. One was Vallabhbhai Patel and the other was Haren Pandya. Had these two not been killed, Gujarat would have been taken to a certain place.

In 1980, a series of serious political assassinations began in Gujarat. It has also become an incident that 7 members of the same political family of BJP’s patriarchal Jan Sangh have been murdered.

The murder of Haren Pandya, a young political leader from Ahmedabad, is one of the most serious political murders in Gujarat as it included the names of leaders from Gandhinagar.

BJP’s future chief ministerial candidate and former home minister Haren Pandya was assassinated in 2003.

On 5 July 2019, the Supreme Court held 12 people responsible for the murder of Union and former Home Minister Haren Pandya. Jenny was murdered on 26 March 2003. He was convicted in a lower court in 2007. However, the High Court acquitted the accused in 2011. But the Supreme Court convicted everyone in 2019. Modi was the Prime Minister then.

Before the Air Commission, Pandya had questioned Modi’s role in the 2002 riots. Elections were to be held in 2002.

Azam Khan testified after 15 years in a Mumbai court that DG Vanzara had handed him over to Haren Pandya in 2003. Sorabuddin said that betel nut was given to him before the murder.

Haren’s murder. Political leader and gangster Latif had an encounter in Ahmedabad. Sohrabuddin was the driver of Latif Khan’s special and fugitive sharpshooter Sharif Khan. He was given a betel nut to kill Haren Pandya. Sohrabuddin and Tulsi Prajapati were killed in a fake encounter.

what happened before

Two months later, Pandya was forced to resign from the cabinet. State elections were to be held in December 2002, and Modi refused to field Pandya from the Ellisbridge seat. The leadership of both the RSS and the BJP opposed it.

In late November, RSS leader Madandas Devi went to meet Modi at his residence, accompanied by RSS supremo K.S. Sudarshan, his deputy Mohan Bhagwat, L.K. The message was from Advani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Hold elections and give Pandya his seat. Devi got up late, but Modi was not ready to give the ticket.

Modi was admitted to Gandhinagar Civil Hospital at 3 pm.

Haren then publicly said, ‘Don’t sleep like cowards. I dare say no.

The RSS and BJP leaders finally conceded defeat. Modi left the hospital after two days. Godhra returned to power riding on the waves.

Pandya, on his part, began meeting every top BJP and RSS leader in Delhi and Nagpur and said that Modi would destroy the party and the Sangh for his own personal gain.

He decided to go to Delhi Headquarters as a member of National Working Committee or Party Spokesperson. Pandya’s visit to Delhi was to prove detrimental to Modi in the long run.

Three months later, in March 2003, the day Pandya received a fax from the party president ordering him to be taken to Delhi, he was assassinated in Ahmedabad.

Gujarat Police said that Pandya was killed in a joint operation between Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Dubai-based underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Twelve people were arrested and charged with Pandya’s murder, but eight years later, in September 2011, the Gujarat High Court acquitted them all.

The whole case was dismissed. The decision criticized the police and the government.

Soon after the riots, R.B. Mr Kumar was asked by the Chief Minister’s Office to regularly provide details about Haren Pandya’s activities.

Anyone who speaks against Modi from within the BJP is eliminated either physically or politically.

Massacre of Jan Sangh MLAs

In 1980, Vasanji Thakrar was elected MLA from Jana Sangh of Porbandar. He had defected during the political crisis imposed by Indira Gandhi. Babubhai Jasbhai’s government fell on 12 March 1976. The assassination of Vasanji Kheraj Thakrar was the beginning of a political assassination. Porbandar has since been infamous for political killings.

Sarman Munja Jadeja and his wife, former MLA Santok Jadeja were assassinated.

Millions of parrots killed

Parrot Lakha Sorathiya died on 15 August 1988 during a flag hoisting ceremony. Point Blank was shot dead while the Rajkot district police chief and district collector were also sitting next to him. He was elected as MLA thrice in Gondal by Congress. He was also the President of Rajkot Marketing Yard. He was publicly murdered. The incident was taken seriously all over India.

Vallabhbhai Patel murder

On November 22, 1989, Congress health minister and senior farmer and Saurashtra Patidar leader Vallabhbhai Patel was assassinated in Hadmatia of the incumbent taluka. The murder took place during the Lok Sabha elections. Vallabhbhai’s political sun was shining. He was named as the future Chief Minister of Gujarat. From here further enmity arose between the Kshatriyas and the Patels.

Congress MLA from Kalavad Bhimji Vasram Patel was assassinated in 1982.

Congress MLA Bharat Kambliya who was also the president of Junagadh Municipality.

Former Congress MP Rauf Valliullah was assassinated in Ahmedabad.

MP J. State level minister in the central government. V Shah’s suspected death was in a road accident but politicians believed it to be a murder.

1990-91 Jivabhai Keswala’s wife murdered, Sarman Munja murdered,

In 1995, when Keshubhai Patel was the chief minister, Jayanti Vadodaraia, president and corporator of Gondal Citizens Bank, was assassinated.

BJP leader Vinoo Singla was assassinated in 1995. He was murdered in Gondal. He was killed in a scuffle over who should be handed over to the government. On one side was the Rana group of Godal and on the other side was Vinubhai Singla.

Lalavdar village Nagjibhai, a member of Lathi taluka panchayat near Lathi in Amreli, was burnt to win a bus. Mangarh Massacre 11 Patel was killed before getting into the tractor. 1974-75 Dhanjibhai Kotiawala, the then chairman of the municipality, was assassinated. Nayak Mulubhai Bera’s father was the taluka panchayat president. He was assassinated in 1985 despite police protection.

Gujarat has been a blood-soaked politics. Modi has not been attacked even in Punjab, where the BJP is being bombed all over the country.

Ahmed, a builder from Ahmedabad and a special minor of Shankarsinh Waghla, was murdered by Latif. Then came Latif.

Kutch Massacre

Former Vice President of BJP and leader of Kutch, former MLA Jayanti Bhanushali was murdered by the same BJP leader.

Had it. Finally – 1993-94 Babubhai Jadeja who was a big name in coal smuggling. He was killed together by the Bhanushalis of Kutch. Since then Jayanti Bhanushali has made a name for herself in the society.

The manner in which political figures have been murdered since the inception of Gujarat is also quite shocking. There are 60 names that a political person can say. But in fact there have been more than 150 political killings in Gujarat. It has increased especially in Saurashtra. Most political killings take place in Saurashtra, Porbandar, Junagadh, Gondal. In Ahmedabad also five people have died due to political reasons.

Gujarat has lost good political leaders

In 2004, Veja Parvat, an executive member of Manavdar Municipality, and 7 members of his family were murdered. Bomb blast was also done to eliminate it. murder in ransom.

Vatsi Bhura was the president of Odedara Kutian Taluka Panchayat, who was murdered by Malde.

Dhana Manda, who had contested from Talala, was killed in Talala. Dhana Manda Brar, father of sitting MLA Bhagwanbhai Brar, was murdered.

The allegation of the murder of BJP leader Sheela Soni in Mandal has been told by her husband as political. It is believed that top leaders of Gandhinagar are involved in this.

Vinu Parmar murder case in Rajkot.

The murder of Rajkot corporator Hari Dhwa-Papri.

Norpalika Indra Singh Zala, the former President of Dhrangadhara was assassinated in 2017

Bauji Jadeja, the Mandvi municipal president of Abadasa, Kutch was murdered.

Mansinghbhai Patel, MP and founder of Dudhsagar Dairy.

In Bharuch, an MP was murdered and a BJP leader was murdered.

BJP MLA Kanti Amrutia was accused in the 1995 murder of Prakash Ravasia, former president of Morbi municipality and chairman of Nagrik Bank. Keshubhai was the Chief Minister.

Lalavdar village Nagjibhai, a member of Lathi taluka panchayat near Lathi in Amreli, was burnt to win a bus. Mangarh Massacre 11 Patel was killed before getting into the tractor.

Former BJP taluka president Randhir Bardiya was stabbed to death in a field in Kali Talwadi village of Kutch in June 2015. It was learned that four accused from the rival faction were involved in the election.

In June 2015, Taruna Chaturani, a female leader of the Kutch BJP, murdered her own political lover.

In June 2015, Rajni, the 20-year-old son of BJP vice-president Kantilal Popatbhai Vaishnav, was murdered in a jungle in Junagadh. A ransom of Rs 1 lakh was demanded in the case.

In May 2015, the body of Advocate Amit Singha, a senate of Veer Narmad University and a youth leader of the BJP, was found stabbed in Surat.

BJP’s Singha killed in tax settlement case In August 2015, BJP Minority Morcha leader Ilyas Khan Pathan and his son Arif Jalwani were shot dead in a property dispute case in Rajkot.

In November 2015, former BJP president Shirish Bengali and Yuva Morcha general secretary Pragnesh Mistry were shot dead by bike-borne gunmen in Bharuch.

In May 2018, BJP’s Bakshipanch Morcha leader Vijaygiri Goswami was attacked in Rajkot. It turned out that the miscreants had attacked.

Assembly elections were held twice in the Govind Torania-Jansandh in 1995, the contractor of the port was politically involved. Speeches were faster than ever.

2005 Keshu Nebha was Odedara City BJP President and 4-time councilor of Porbandan Municipality.

2004-5 Congress leader Modhwadia, accomplice of Babu Bokhiriya – murdered by Bhim Dula.

May 2015: Amit Singh, a Senate member of Veer Narmad University and a young BJP leader, was brutally stabbed to death in Surat.

June 2015: BJP woman leader Taruna Chaturani kills her own lover in Kachhu

June 2015: In Junagadh, Saurashtra, the younger son of BJP Vice President Kantilal Vaishnav kidnapped and demanded a ransom of Rs 10 lakh, after which he was brutally murdered in the forest.

August 2018: Vice President and BJP leader Naseebkhan Pathan was attacked with a sharp weapon in Talja municipality of Bhavnagar district.

Assembly elections were held twice in the Govind Torania-Jansandh in 1995, the contractor of the port was politically involved. Speeches were faster than ever.

Security lapse or political gain in Punjab

Due to vacant seats in election train

Modi’s silence on negligence in security

Who told Modi about the security breach and who listened?

Who told the media about the Modi officer?

There have been many political assassinations in Modi’s Gujarat.

Many BJP leaders have been murdered in Gujarat.

Modi accused of murder of former home minister Haren Pandya

Haren Pandya’s parents made allegations

Like West Bengal, BJP’s repetition in Punjab too

Although there was no attack on Modi, but there was uproar in the whole country.

Modi with 56 inch chest is unsafe in the country?

Modi and Haren Pandya face to face over Ellisbridge meeting

Accidental CM Narendra Modi was contesting the by-election

Several twists in the murder of Haren Pandya

Different views of the courts regarding the accused in the Pandya murder case

The explosive testimony of Azam Khan was given by Haren Pandya’s supari Vanzara

Story of Sohrabuddin the encounter

The accused was DG Vanzara

Vanzara Tulsi Prajapati was also an accused in the encounter

Former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri killed in Godhra riots

Ahsan Jafri’s wife Zakia Jafri reached the Supreme Court

Allegations against Modi over the post-Godhra riots

Former Congress MP Rauf Waliullah murdered

BJP accused of killing Halwad Patidar leader Pankaj Patel

Jhalod’s BJP leader Hiren Patel murdered by MP’s son

Two BJP leaders shot dead in Bharuch, Dawood connection

Former BJP MLA Jayanti Bhanushali was made by BJP’s Chhabeel Patel

Many digital materials missing after Jayanti Bhanushali’s murder

Bhanushali’s murder suspected to cover up the antics of the leaders

Assassination of future Congress chief minister Vallabhbhai Patel

Political murder of Mulu Modhwadia and Keshu Odedara in Porbandari

Gondal MLA Popat Sorathia killed in flag hoisting ceremony

Two MPs and a former Home Minister murdered in Ahmedabad

Saurashtra has the highest number of political killings
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