17 lakh applications for job of Talati in Modi Gujarat, 50 lakhs unemployed 

17 lakh applications for job of villager officer – Talati in Modi Gujarat, 50 lskhs unemployed
Ahmedabad, 8 June 2022
job bubble burst
20 crore for examination fee
The youth of Gujarat are facing the problem of unemployment. The BJP government is playing a game with lakhs of educated unemployed youth of Gujarat every five years by announcing government recruitment at the time of elections.

17 lakh applications have been received for 3400 posts of Talati in the prescribed pay scale. BJP’s claim of providing employment has been broken. More than three lakh educated unemployed are registered in the government books in the state. 50 lakh educated unemployed are not registered.

In the recruitment process of Talati cum Minister, in 2018, 35 lakh youth had applied for 2937 posts. About Rs 20 crore has been recovered from them as examination fee.

There are 7133 Talati seats in 17265 gram panchayats of Gujarat. In which 3500 Talati places are filled. Out of 17265 villages, 14 thousand villages are revenue. So there should be 14 thousand talatis. There are also 10500 vacancies. Wherein 2937 are being recruited.

There is 1 Talati among 5 villages. Talati is a village without teachers, village servants, doctors.

Outsourcing – Outsourcing – Contract Agencies have given 9.5 lakh jobs in Gujarat in the name of Outsourcing – Contract due to arrangement with Minister of Govt. in which the youth are exploited.
Let him play the game with the career and life of lakhs of youth of Gujarat.

Like, the recruitment process is getting delayed. The examinations are not conducted for four years after the declaration. Most of the exams have been cancelled. If the exam is conducted, the result is not declared. Many irregularities have to be faced if the result is declared. Government policy spends the time, energy and money of lakhs of youth from ordinary middle class families. There is no fixed date for the recruitment. There has been a statewide recruitment scam of Rs 15 lakh for Talati recruitment.

Question papers of 26 exams have been cracked in 22 years but exams have been cancelled. There are frequent incidents of paper bursting in the examinations of education assistants including TET 1, TET 2, Gram Rakshak Dal, Lok Rakshak Dal, non-secretariat clerk.

Librarians have not been recruited in schools, colleges or public libraries for 15 years.

Physical education teachers have not been recruited for 15 years.

Though it has been four years since the announcement of the Gram Sevak Recruitment, there is still no recruitment spot.

No one is hospitalized. Due to non-recruitment of medical-paramedical posts including multipurpose health workers and nursing, 2 to 3 lakh citizens died in Corona. 5 million people were outraged. Injustice is being done to 50 thousand youths who have passed TAT-TAT by not conducting the recruitment process as teachers. Hence, education in Gujarat has deteriorated. BJP and Narendra Modi are responsible for this. Congress has said so.