What does the Gujarat government want to hide about Corona? know

Gandhinagar, 27 May 2020
With 361 more positive cases in the last 24 hours, the number of cases of Covid-19 in Gujarat has reached 14,829. A total of 23 deaths were reported in Ahmedabad on Tuesday, bringing the total death toll in the city’s hospitals to 750. A total of 65 people have died in Surat due to another infection.

In addition to these two hotspots, the fourth death was reported in Kheda, the fifth in Patan and the sixth in Panchmahal on Tuesday. Thus, a total of 919 deaths have been reported in Gujarat in 69 days in this epidemic. The number of patients on the ventilator has been increasing since week one. For the first time on Monday, 109 patients were on a ventilator.
BJP’s Vijay Rupani government stops giving details

Health front secretary Dr. Janyati Ravi has been holding a press conference for months. The format of the press list, which will be officially released on Tuesday, has been changed after Facebook Live was shut down for three days. The government’s accountability for the questions that have arisen in the minds of the people is far away, but the information that has been leaked for 68 days has painted a picture of hiding the facts. If this continues, it is certain that there will be a lot of dissent and rumors in the minds of the people regarding the daily status of the epidemic.

The number of corona patients undergoing treatment on ventilators in Gujarat on Monday was the highest ever at 109, after the government did not announce the figures on Tuesday. Was.

Since Tuesday, the BJP’s Vijay Rupani government has stopped giving 10 types of details.

Questions that arise in the public

The government does not provide details on how many patients died in the co-morbid state and how many civilians died due to Covid-19 alone.

Hides details of total case, death, discharge and active (under treatment) cases by district in 33 districts. The number of patients staying on the ventilator in critical condition under treatment in hospitals has also not been disclosed.

Details of how many patients are stable in Gujarat hospital were not disclosed. Age is never revealed. The classification of women and men has been discontinued.

The names of the 1000 Gujaratis who died have not been revealed. Giving official details of 24 hours has been abruptly stopped.

How many Corona related calls actually came to the 104 helpline and how many citizens who made such calls received treatment. And what their complaints are has been closed. The total number of cases in Gujarat so far, including the entire distribution of patient details, has disappeared.

Details of how many private facilities are in quarantine are not disclosed when citizens are coming from abroad.

Details of how many tests have been done so far have been closed. Details of how many tests were performed in 24 hours are no longer disclosed.